Co op Challanges

This idea is for Co op to be added and also that it has Challanges to do with ur friends like small fun challanges like defeat this boss with friends in this time or racing or alot more or this is a good one who killes more enemies wins coins and with them u can buy skins guns for Co op and small perks

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co-op won’t be added anytime soon

Co-op mode requires money and time to be done (~3 months only for the base, from what iA said, without any kind of updates during this period). It’s not the main priority right now. In-mission multiplayer may appear later, but very likely not before the game is released, nor shortly afterward (mobile version comes first).
Multiplaying 1:06:16 (iA’s explanation about the multiplayer situation).

i can’t quote


Sadly no co-op but iA made another solution😉

Probably you already know about galactic cup. Its more of a league than the usual league dare

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