CK-01 Henterprise mirrored version

Just like The Yolk-StarTM and Egg Cannon Confrontation but more complicated.

Henterprise Hencounter: Starts the encounter from the bottom.

Boldly Goes Whereever It Pleases: Starts the encounter from the right.

  • Changes to the left after 50%

Hend Game: Starts the encounter from the bottom.

  • Changes to the right after 20%
  • Changes to the top after 40%
  • Changes to the left after 60%
  • Back to the bottom after 80%

Might be harder than I think, so this might be added in the game either v18.1 or v19.1.

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I think is suggested, dont remember from who? What about Henterprise appearing in the 4 sides at the same time with different encounters?


I don’t think it’s gonna work.
But, someone did really suggest this?

Its kinda similar.

Ahh… pretty close.

My is randomized and yours is determined. Yours is like the Yolk Star bottom side addition. Really just up to IA whichever it likes more.

Um, It’s Missing is Explosion Dead Mirrored

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