CIU contribution medals (implemented ideas ONLY)

My in-game callsign RoboCat

Additional Information (My coordinate and my ship)


Apple Core

disputable (probably NO):


My callsign is Berker95

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Has that actuälly been implemented?

I’m not sure between “In-game implemented” or “Implemented in a topic”

It needs to be implemented in the game. I’m not even sure what you mean with that second thing

Idk, but sorry for that.

Does this count?

It haſn’t been implemented.

I think iA have to see and accept my topic first, so I can put it in here for medal?

Aside from this,it’s not even implemented(the title clearly states that it has to be)


This place is only for recieving medals from the implemented suggestion?

Yes, ideas which have been implemented like “Lights out!” mode.

Ahh, ok.
I apologize for my unawareness.

I saw that “Distinguished Green Greed Cross” is now per-stage instead of per-mission, which I suggested before:

EDIT: My callsign is GuestUniverse2.

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Oh, I had this too:

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Sorry, I forgot to state that my callsign is GuestUniverse2.

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I juſt rememberified this one:

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Just seen this:

I actually suggested that some time ago:


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