CIU's League Challenge - Phase 3

Hmm… that’s great.
Where do I find my objectives?

You have to check on the website, which I created on the main post.

One of the most active topics I’ve ever witnessed so far.

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hello, I ask challenge :slight_smile:

Well, I recommend to create your own progress on the note to remember thing to do before finish an objective. And also, keep following the rules and regulations for now, becuase you’re accidentally use too many emoji as spam emoji.

P.S: Rule and Regulations of CLC are serious for whoever tried to break the rules.

Simo3725 is ready to be tested from each challenges incoming on the first rank of CLC “Recruit” by completing them all on the beginning to prepare for the challenge test call “Serious Challenge”.

But be patience, you can create your own challenge rule on the next rank, which you must use your imaginations to create it by inspire from in-game.

Challenge: Complete the Boss Rush within 4 minutes with difficulty less than 30%

Good Luck, @Simo3725

Oh no @Simo3725, I spotted that you didn’t check the difficulty before start the mission from the beginning.

Try again next time
Reason: Due to difficulty of this mission has more than 30%

Challenge Lost: 1

Did you know? Some challenges are required everything from in-game to letting the mission got impossible to beat them. Just like difficulty which sometimes has send more/less than challenge rule said, you need to be more focus on it before start the challenge.

I used Seasoned difficulty, with a power 0 Positron.

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Nice job, I know you that your experiences are never lost against my challenge. Welcome back to the official CLC, my friend.

Congratulations, you’re completed the qualifier challenge.
Your progress will be restored on the list as “comeback”.

:gear: Your current rank and progress has restored

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But unfortunately @PlasmaX, some progress from the phase 2 will be reset back to the beginning. Because of phase 3, so you have to complete it again by following their objectives, which is locate on the “Role of Rank in CLC” at website, and prepare to encounter with serious challenge once again.

Sorry for the convenience

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Whoever has no any challenge daily, pls call me when you’re ready. Or if you want to gain the challenge medals more, you can choose any challengers for sending it.

Remember in this phase 3 that there’s no feature from UHF League from now on, because 89% of some pilots have been resigned from that places already.

I don’t want the League Challenge to close

Tell IA to remove the auto close of this topic.

Announcement Incoming

CLC will be moved onto the discord instead once it’s ready. If you really want more challenges, pls call me when you’re ready before it’s closed.

Sorry for the convenience

Is it possible to talk with a message? It’s just that my English pronunciation, and my knowledge of English in general, is poor

hello everybody :wave:

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Wth its phase 3 i was only off for 6k chatting ppace msgs

could return to the league again

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