CIU's League Challenge - Phase 3

For whoever have ever seen this before or just come in-here for the first time, pls clicks onto this link below for more information :point_down:

CIU’s League Challenge Website

Created from: Wixsite

P.S: This website always updated, so keep in mind from it.

Challenger’s Rank List

# Challenger Rank RP Point Note No. of Penalty Penalty Period
1st ArtemBexline211085 Expert Challenger 938.75 Comeback - -
- PlasmaX Recruit - Comeback - -
- Red_Fox_01 Recruit - - - -
- Simo3725 Recruit - - 1 -

P.S: Will be updated when the new challenger has participate here for the first time or the old one has been returned.
Good Luck and May the Forks be with you


For whoever was a previous challenger from the phase 2, will have to be prepared for the qualifier challenge as “Comeback” if you want to restore your progress on the list. But remember, these things has already changed for now, not the same anymore.

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I thought about CLC yesterday, and now there was a third phase. Also, welcome back

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So, you’re really get ready to back on shine again in this CLC?!

No, I’m not ready to go back yet.

Ok, you can prepare yourself for a qualifier challenge anytime when you’re ready.

I’m ready for a challenge

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To @ArtemNikolaev211085

Alright, the qualifier challenge will be approaching soon. Make sure that your experience cannot let you lose against the new rules on this phase.

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After CLC has been ruined by environment of plants which making cause to shut down the phase 2 immediately. But for now after 3 months passed, CLC has ready to get back online as phase 3, which has improve from the previous phase, with a new technology to making this competition place has risen up again.

ArtemNikolaev211085 has received the news that CLC has been returned, so he started the engine and ready for rush to the Utopia’s constellation. But, there’s a massive of asteroids are coming to his way while it’s about going to hyperspace in a few minutes now.

Can he survive from this situation, or will be crushed by them and seperate to the disaster on the infini-space?

Qualifier Challenge: Do a near miss more than 15 times on Meteor Storm and reach the finish line within 5 minutes

:warning: Warning:

  1. Difficulty more than 80% required
  2. If you got destroyed by asteroids at least 2 times, will lose the challenge immediately

As I said in phase 3, there is no longer on UHF League, which was terminated after phase 2’s over, for now. So you have to choose your mission as challenge rule said to complete it entirely.

Good Luck and Welcome back, @ArtemBexline211085

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I want to participate too what should I do?

To @Simo3725

I see you want to participate in-here, so did you read information from the website already? If you already done, I should to grant you for preparing my first challenge.

Well Done, @ArtemBexline211085
You’re managed to escape from incoming of asteroids before jump into the hyperspace and reached to the CLC’s Headquarter at Utopia’s constellation by safety.

Congratulations, you’re completed the qualifier challenge.
Your progress will be restored on the list as “comeback”.

:gear: Your current rank and progress has restored

I have confused ideas

To @Simo3725

So, tell me why you confuse about that? It’s that something wrong?

so let me understand, I’ll have to make a challenge made by one and vice versa I should create one, for then he will challenge me?

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Of course, but basically you will start from the lower ranks, which meaning that you have to prove me or the other challengers first, to let us know that you’re ready to challenge us back.


so i can do your challenge that you put there, where it says ex 3 and i do it

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To @Simo3725

Now here’s a real question and you need to answer carefully.
Q: Are you ready to encounter with my first challenge for grant you to the official rank of CLC?