CIU won't let me download the new version. err 403 is the reason. how do I fix this?

Help me fix this please

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What version are you trying to download?

A: Steam
Try standalone
B: Vice versa
C: Google play
Try CIU version 135 - #30 by InterAction_studios

i got the update already try the 2nd one below

I use stand alone. I have had no success, and have no steam acct. I just want to fly! Over 420 days in a row and I am stuck by this. I really appreciate every ones help thank-you all. We can figure this out I’m sure. Be well all…

Download link fixed. Try both of these:

(This link is mangled by Discourse and doesn’t work. You must manually cut+paste it into your browser’s address bar)


still no CIU. Tried both links no success. I guess my consecutive days are over. My comp. has a date with my bullet. I"ll keep trying but my comp. is going to the shooting range to meet Elvis’ T.V.s. I hope to be back soon but I have more bullets than patience. Everyone is safe, except chickens and computers. Still open for solutions. Be well all…

Yeah, but why are you getting the 403 error. Is it still the same error? Have you tried different browser? Maybe get a vpn so it uses different servers.

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If it is happened in your browser, try downloading file using Downloader Manager like IDM, FDM, etc.
And if the game still using old version, try uninstall the old version then install the new one.

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I just got back to my comp. I will now start again using your advise. I tried to log in as normal just now and same thing. Lets hope! Be well all…

I followed your directions. With a new browser I was able to download successfully. I also retained my consecutive days. Thank-you very much. You have helped me with comp. stuff many times now (linux etc.), and I wish you and yours all my best. I guess my comp. will have to wait before it meets Elvis Presleys T.V.s! It thanks you too. Be well all and cheers for your support…

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I was able to sort this problem out with @kokokokos guidance. the rest of the forum were there to help as well. Thank-you @InterAction_studios we got it figured out. Time now to help control these annoying chickens. Be well all…

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