CIU version 135

Ads had not properly initialized yet. Try it now.

No clue. This is all managed by Google.

This generally seems like a lot of work for me for little to no benefit. Nevertheless, I would only maintain a separate 32-bit .APK if both of the following are true: (a) Google ads still work on it and (b) a statistically significant number of Android devices are 32-bit.

I can’t know either of those things with certainty. I will release v.135 in 32-bit form later today and collect some data.

No, Google Ads require that the app is listed in Google Play (or some other select stores: Amazon, VIVO, OPPO, Xiaomi, Samsung)

No. CIU was flat-out rejected (during upload, no less) if it contained 32-bit code in the .APK.


It was a joke. Such a thing should not ever be done.
This just puts all other players (especially ones with an incompatible Android device) at a disadvantage, making CIU a pay-to-expand-platform-availability game.

Now i can’t play CIU on android
@InterAction_studios did you try to support Mobile phones are weak

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The price difference seems… too much (compare with Steam and Android)


How does it put non-chl players with compatible device at a disadvantage when they can just download google play version?

Also, we’re not talking about 32-bit only. I am talking about cases where the phone is clean of google services at all. You need stand-alone apps then.

Such a category doesn’t exist.
Also, the first idea of CHL was crossplay between devices. I don’t know why that was abandoned because right now CHL lacks features. Stand-alone .apk would be a good feature to include in it.

32-bit build is now available (this is only a temporary measure until I see if there’s any merit to maintaining it). Download it from here: ⬇ Download CIU


Steam has something called “recommended regional pricing”, which takes into account not only the currency exchange rates, but also wages and the cost of living in each country.

Google only uses currency exchange rates, which sucks. Theoretically, I could manually edit the prices for each region, but that’s 180 regions x 4 prices each, so… uh, no.


Do iAP and ADs work there?

Also, in case you didn’t notice, I sent you a DM


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I think ads do, but report your experiences.

IAP does not work… well, it does, but you are directed to PayPal in an external browser (like the stand-alone PC version).


I really don’t know what happening to the game now, it keep crashing everytime

hi IA i had this customization plan i really wanted for this update here is the link Strobe light customization idea

ahahaah funny moment with 32 bit

this my phone and works

My android version is 8.1.0, also I feel so bad rn cause this is the first time I can’t play CIU

Wdym by “keep crashing”?

When I open a mission or something to play it gets closed…

For example the game closed everytime when I open something

oh android 11 (mines) i hate android 8.1 oreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooo