CIU version 146

it’s lower quality in general, made for the older pre-HD versions of CI4 and never remastered

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When an enemy in Chicken Exponentiality/Multiplicity got devided into the smaller enemies, it only devide in a same way like this. Just look at the red mark

I hope that this should be randomized, which mean that enemies when they has been seperated, they will appear in any directions from their old chickens/bosses.

A bit suggestion

Add player ID on leaderboard to identify whoever that is cuz there’re so many players impersonate each other and not even tell they’re regularly callsign changing players.

(yes ik we can just go to Contact to insert player name to search the ID)


Then why have the callsign at all if player ID will be used everywhere?

I still don’t understand why the player ID was even made public.

Because people keep changing their nicknames to complete nonsense and their contacts are confused. Or they use a different alphabet which is impossible to type from a regular keyboard layout.


To inform you, I have two accounts, one from rred cat and the other from rred cat xmas.

We see what missions our contacts fly what if we see what they do when they re not in mission for example player X changed their name to Y

I never seen this feature in any game i played before, so i think it’s so strange and also annoying.

@InterAction_studios i have suggestion that the chatting button in multiplayer (in phone) should be changed. Currently it is massage box with smile face and it looks similar to forum button. So it should be changed to three dots “…”, thanks.

Question specifically for IA.

Is supporting macOS and iOS worth it? By that I mean do the sales cover the development costs of those platforms.
Taking that short for example.

  • Windows: compile for windows → done
  • Linux: set up VM → compile for linux → done
  • macOS: buy Mac hardware (video cited $800) → buy license key (cited $100 every year) → compile in Xcode → compile for Mac. If it breaks during compiling you start on step 2, but don’t have to pay again only ask for the key.

So, is this true and if so, is it worth the hassle?

It’d be harder to realize the chat button

Keep it as it was

like this?


I don’t see why it doesn’t easy to be known as chat button.

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Yes !

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does barbequer count towards satellite shot mission


tbh i think that more ppl play games on linux than on macos yet there is no native linux support so linux users are forced to use proton


On Steam that’s a fact for quite some time.
Linux remains above 2% on the Steam Survey for June 2024 | GamingOnLinux
Win 7 0.40% < macOS 1.31% < Linux 2.08% < Win 11 46.63% < Win 10 49.42%

Well, we don’t know the marketshare of IA. There can be some difference from Steam.

Still, I’d rather have the developer recommend the Proton and support it than have some half-assed Linux port. Old CI games were running horribly. Launching them with Proton was flawless. And IA did in fact made some CIU patches specifically for proton support so there’s no problem for now.

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my only downside for proton is that it uses vulkan by default and none of my devices support it either so i have to force it to use wine d3d



Same things happens with any player spacecraft (even your own) in front of a planet. This is an unfortunate side-effect caused by special code to allow selecting players, even if they are very close together. Allowed.

That’s your GPU crashing.


Changed in v.147 :medal_sports: Idea

They’re still evenly spread out, though.

Changed in v.147 :medal_sports: Idea

You need a lot better hardware than the minimum spec if you don’t want to suffer during development. The one I had previously cost $3500.

It’s actually for the yearly “Apple Developer Program Membership”, but yes, true.

iOS, yes. macOS, no. The market share is too low.

If only Steam would bring Proton to macOS…