CIU version 145 BETA


There are three main things to test in this version:

  • Automatic detection of your system language upon first launch (built-in languages: el es fa fr he hu it ko pl ru sk sr uk vi )

  • “Recently used” colors, which now appear at the top of customization screens.

  • Fly a few random missions to make sure there are no crashes.

:arrow_down: Download the BETA from:

You can link your existing account that you normally use. Progress on the BETA server is completely separate from the LIVE server. It’s based on a database snapshot when v.144 was released, so your progress will be rolled back slightly (when compared to your live account). And, when the new version is officially released, any progress you made on the BETA server will be lost. Also, any translation changes will also be lost.

Multiplayer games will work, however note that your network connectivity will not be correctly detected by the BETA server (I think it will always say “Port-restricted cone NAT”). If there is a discrepancy between detection and your actual NAT type, then you will not be able to join some multiplayer games (even if they are listed). If the discrepancy lies on the host side, then none of the guests will be able to connect.


the thing with system language is that it’s very likely to be english, as with the case here in vietnam. windows is en-us by default, while vi-vn is an additional language pack that needs to be manually installed by the user. is there any other way for the game to detect and use the appropriate language?

i like how the play button bounces to attract players’ attention

is it normal when clicking on social media, it exits the game?

Hmm… not really. It can always be manually changed after autodetection.

For the stand-alone version, yes. For Steam, it will appear in its own built-in browser without closing the game.


Would the play button be changed label as “Play” or it would be revert back into “Save the World” when v145 came out?

not sure how it considers a player new since it seems to always show “Play” here even after logging in

Maybe “Start your journey” could be better.

“Play” is currently always shown. I’ve kept the “Save the World” phrase in the translation in case this changes in the future.

The whole point of this change was to make it clearer to a newcomer which button to press in order to start playing, so it needs to be short and simple.


i have try automatic detection of my system language and works fine
But about “recently used” color, could you move the color i have changed recently to first instead of every color section of the plane
here is the vid:

automatic detection

Does anyone has a mission with 2 these waves? I want to see how are those waves got speed up. Since we can’t skip/warp wave or stage anymore, i have to ask you here.

Can we post ideas here?

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if its actually related to v145 beta, then sure.

otherwise consider posting it in v144 instead

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this is definitely not related to the beta

sure, keep reposting that same text wall

im sure it wont annoy anyone eventually

I did and there’s no crashes

I may be out of the loop, but why does Twitter have an X icon?

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yes he is X for Twitter (Blue bird old version from Twitter)

It’s been rebranded some time ago.


It’s the most stupid rebranding in the history of stupid rebrandings.

Stupid fact: If you download the official X branding assets from About X | Our logo, brand guidelines, and tools , the download doesn’t match the logo used on their own website.


Even their website is inconsistent. The main page uses the thick logo, but pages like the Terms of Service (X Terms of Service), use the thin one. The angles don’t even match: