New Wave Idea: Laser Field

I have a new idea for a wave called Laser Field, basically how it works is the screen would zoom out to the amount it does during Ultimate Extreme Square Dancing and put a mission zone in the middle of the screen and all around the screen Laser Gatling Chicks would come in (However, how many there are would depend on the difficulty, although the lowest difficulty the wave could appear would be 70% difficulty) Anyways there would be open spaces around the screen and the ship would be constantly spinning, you would fly around through the open spaces and take down all of the Laser Chicks, you would only be shooting them until you cleared the Laser Field.


Not really bad but is a little bit basic. (But I love it)

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Sorry for it being basic, I can try to make a few adjustments but, I might have to think for a minute.

Can you make illustration images how the wave functions


Um, not really, I kind of suck at drawing.

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