CIU version 142

The new fade screen looks amazing. the game feels like it recieved a complete overhaul. Even if what changes is just the fade screen, the game now looks fresher than before.


then without emergency patch or 142.2 before update, so will you kick out from server. eventually?

Okay I try some Boss Rushes that i saved in my Favorites and realize that:
In wave 1 and 3, I always get Mother Hen-Ship ( The CI2 one), I don’t know if this is RNG issued or not.

Try download v142.3


Why you can’t

Oof, seems like my Steam get frozen, it’s back.

Also it’s kinda funny that I host in v142.2 and still see some players joined.

You can still play on either v.142.2 or v.142.3 – the server won’t kick you out.

However, you cannot play multiplayer games between those two versions.


i’m sorry, but i still want an answer for this.

Yes. It’s a bug. Medal shared.

Guys what your think. which is the most hate from Mother-Hen Ship (CI2)
  • Yes hate buff boss firerate 0.5 sec. can you increase delay firerate in SSH.
  • No maybe that skill issue.
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The firerate isn’t that fast, you have enough time to dodge it. (react to its bullets)

For some reason, when I upgraded to this new version, my settings got reset. It used to be kept in the old versions, but when I upgraded to this version, it got reset.

I bet the reason is this.

Yes. The new touchscreen control method is added, therefore every options will be reset.

i can’t pickup any atoms and gift’s that mother hen ship Max SSH kinda hard every projectile to effort dodge as well.

DPO exists.

The mother hen ship’s repeated targeted attack is so sudden and fast. it needs a longer attack break between phases. also with the wave 1 and 3 hen ship bug, boss rushes are unplayable (a.k.a. unfun).

you should update to v142.3 if you are in pc,

but the android version is still 142.2 and idk why.