CIU version 138

Do you mean it will be fixed next time?

It might be fixed in the future.

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Chicken Coop seems to be too much of a DPS check rather than an actually challenging boss, nerfing the health of the things it spawns in should do the trick.

Jellyfish Boss is actually pretty cool now IMO, really needed that buff. I guess the attack and projectile speed could be slightly reduced, but not by much. Also it does show up on screen too fast, that also needs to be slowed down.

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@InterAction_studios still on the list?

impatient aren’t you?

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In the Galactic cup section, the cup number is in English. In the squadron assignments section
Also, all dates are written in English.

Anything wrong?

The numbers should be displayed in Persian.

Bruh language

Like your language

basically, i will choose the answer “no”, but i prefer something that is lighter than the word “no”.

also, i feel like this is not skill issue, tho

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wave insight does not predict boss in artifact missions. Is this a feature? ://

Hey iA,I still retain My spaceship color while I’m in ghost state!
Or that is intended for who have black spaceship? (I use black BX-7)
Also i know you might not understand arabic but i will explain: henlley comet name in arabic should be “مذنب هينلي”
(Mozanab Henlley), but in fact it’s “مذنب هالي”
(Mozanab Hally).
If we transleted it to english it will be hally’s comet .
Can you please change and make it “مذنب هينلي”
(Mozanab Henlley)?

same too

and arabic too

dude,the developer can’t not compare the name bosses or waves or etc in other language ever. just edit yourself in main translations what you want.

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Great, in this update I only found 2 errors, one from the episode and one from the game, in the episode why do the stones that are at the water level collide? I remember they didn’t have it XD, And the other is in the game itself, since I am translating the episode and sometimes I am disconnected from the server, which is normal and when I close the tab where I am translating the game, closes unexpectedly (I hope you can explain it well, I’m using a translator)

Maybe you missed something.

Like, the game closed because of an error, or you triggered emergency shutdown (Alt + F4 combination)?

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After some constant thinking while I’m sleeping, I am going to need some thoughts from you guys

Should CI5 health multiplier toned down on higher difficulty?
  • Yes (for all)
  • Yes (for bosses)
  • No (keep it as is)
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And by diffulty I meant skills (SSH requires severe level of balancing)

Also, please don’t biased towards BX bombers and perishables. Müller, H&C and VF mains exist too.

Is ‘‘Maybe not’’ lighter than ‘‘No’’?

So is it skill issue or not?

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Is this supposed to be translucent?


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