CIU version 137 BETA

A lot of internal changes in this update, but also a couple of player-facing ones.

You might notice that the download size for this BETA is significantly larger than normal. This is because starting with this version, all seasonal content (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving) is bundled in. There is a button labelled “Seasonal Content” in the Options menu that will allow you to switch between seasonal editions on the fly. “Automatic” means that the game will use the current date to decide which seasonal edition to use (if any). Other buttons force a particular seasonal edition at all times.

  1. Please play around with this setting and report your experiences here.

  2. Also, feel free to create a few new guest accounts to ensure that the algorithm that controls where in the galaxy new players spawn works correctly (or doesn’t crash, at the very least).

:arrow_down: Download the BETA from:

You can link your existing account that you normally use. Progress on the BETA server is completely separate from the LIVE server. It’s based on a database snapshot when v.136 was released, so your progress will be rolled back slightly (when compared to your live account). And, when the new version is officially released, any progress you made on the BETA server will be lost.

Multiplayer games will work, however note that your network connectivity will not be correctly detected by the BETA server (I think it will always say “Port-restricted cone NAT”). If there is a discrepancy between detection and your actual NAT type, then you will not be able to join some multiplayer games (even if they are listed). If the discrepancy lies on the host side, then none of the guests will be able to connect.

I don’t know how long server will stay on-line, but I will notify as I take it off-line and back on-line.


Looks like unlike v136 beta, I cannot run this through wine. dies from inside
Wait, it somehow “untangled” the mess… Runs fine on the 3rd attempt.

Does that mean that from now on, the game will change through seasons automatically?

I don’t think there are any changes in v.137 that affect Wine (update: incorrect – I do see one change regarding CreateSwapChain). Do you get an error message?

Uncertain yet. Most likely the seasonal editions will continue to be bunded in the PC versions, but not on mobile versions (due to file size considerations).


I did, but it probably didn’t have anything to do with your case.

Also, is this a backwater star system? It doesn’t have a lot of planets so it could be.

In the Halloween edition, if you zoom out, the background is different (zoomed in is green, zoomed out is normal)

It seems that I spawned in the exact star system that HuyTheKiller did.

I made a couple more, and it’s the exact same.

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I spawned thrice in the same planet

It works.

Wine 8.12 works without problems on 1st attempt.

That would work. Good choice.

Just to be clear I chose a callsign “137betaspawn” so you can later see where it appeared.

what’s that configuration for?

Looks like I need the multiplayer mode to see how this change affects when playing with someone have different holiday settings.

Unoriginality penalty doesn’t count if played on different editions
Previous outcome and Christmas edition:

and Latest Outcome and thanksgiving edition:

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I’m using Wine Crossover because macOS 10.15 and higher no longer support 32-bit apps.

hmm, there is still no snow effect of Special Needs when we shoot it and when it dies, right?

edit: and the armored of Magnetic Manipulator is not snowball armored.

Some of the sound effects from the Halloween and Christmas editions aren’t there, will you add them?
(When it gets nearer to the respective holidays)

i think every seasons are different dat file
So, it causes this

Somehow the Galatic Cup winner’s pov announcement hadn’t received a proper Vietnamese translation until now, I don’t think it’s anything brand new like Burgermeister or Seasonal content selections.
Whoops, I mistranslated that, working on it.

should “seasonal content” be remove in mid-game setting?
or just keep it?

Normally, you’ll be disconnected and then be thrown back to where you are, at the start of the wave you left off. There should probably be a warning for when a player does so after having damaged some enemies during a competitive mission because I feel like the pause menu one isn’t enough.

restart the game might be annoyed when someone in mid game
there should be a warning when you want to change