CIU version 136

iA, there’s a bug in Multiplayer Mode, when a zombie/ghost player send a message. his message will be sent but without the message sound (silent message), Is this intended?

Maybe. Since you are a ghost in this state, sound may become cancelled.

As I have found, Thundercluck guitar laser attack are in wrong location (the laser in fact that emits on guitar, but it is in back of the boss.)

This is intended. IIRC this behaviour is the result of an old suggestion on this forum.

I can’t fix this… all enemy bullets are grouped on the same layer (well, there are two layers, but neither one fixes the problem).


New Idea For CIU (It May Be a long time) Making a VR Version Will make it great cuz other games like garry’s mod and minecraft ,etc. Will make it more familiar it may be hard but great version. Also,I have an account have e-mail but if I took 1 year will it be deleted?

Well, not really. But anyways I would see how the dev think.

For accounts, as long as you have reach 1 hour of playtime and had relogin or login on another device, your accounts won’t be deleted.

Imagining fighting UCO on vr

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ah yes turning a 2d game into a vr game
totally make sense

The game raw textures are 3d.

the actual texture itself is still in 2d, it’s the rendered frame of a 3d model

Imagining YOLK STAR In VR

Imagine Double Team on VR.

VR are made for “First person” camera position, so how could you control your ship?

Maybe there are two options. Moving your body, or moving your joystick. Moving your body will be hell.

There You Will Be In Space ship There will be a hand (Like car hand) to moving and a button makes you go up and go down and shooting butt on and in upper corner in right there will be a camera records things behind you and if there was a something follows you like terminator chicken it will say danger zone with danger sound

I barely get what you said, but that’s too many button for a game that doesn’t require that many buttons like CIU.

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I know,also…In The same time you can move your head

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so if i’m in a wave like palpitating grid do i need to attach a jet engine to my body so i can move at the speed of sound so i can dodge the projectiles

No, you’d need Ultra Instinct, since you also have to dodge the projectiles you can’t see from behind. /s

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Correction: Mastered Ultra Instinct