CIU version 135

Unfortunately, my android phone must be running on 32 bit because it’s not compatible with the game. Was looking forward to bringing Chicken Invaders on-the-go.

That said, it’s not the first app to give me this problem - perhaps a sign that it’s just time for a new phone anyway…

Or install a custom rom, if you have enough “luck”.

Uco5 when?

Ads is working very fine on Stand-alone like the Google Play Version

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Will you make changes to mobile version to compatible with any resolution, iA?

That’s very odd. The game isn’t doing anything different since v.134. Did you reboot your device?

Is that the Google Play build? These prices come pre-formatted from Google, I don’t get to choose.

You can still use the 32-bit stand-alone .APK for now. Download it from here: ⬇ Download CIU

AFAIK It already is… which resolution is problematic?


I mean it will show on full screen instead of showing black borderline on both side (by default) or turning off Letterbox Mode.
My phone resolution is 2340 x1080, which is FHD+, and it shows quite a big black borderline.

Black borders should either appear horizontally or vertically, but never on both sides.

Is your Menu → Options → Graphics → Advanced Options → Window size set to maximum?

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It is maximum by default.

Hmm… Can you send a screenshot?

Also, at the main menu, tap 4 fingers simultaneously. You should see a “Crash” button appear at the top-left.

Press it, restart the game, and log in to the galaxy. This will send me some helpful logs about your device.


I’ve swiped down the status bar so you can see the full resolution (landscape orientation).
Crash pressed too.

And yes tthe option is already “Maximum”.

Yea I did

I see nothing wrong here. The game’s native aspect ratio is 16:9, and you can either view it at that ratio (letterboxed), or turn off letterbox and stretch it.

What you are probably referring to is taking up the full screen without stretching, which (as explained elsewhere) is simply not possible because it would change the layout of the waves (amongst other things).



There are already several instances of Android players who have tried to subvert/circumvent Google’s in-app payment system and pretend that they have paid whereas in fact they have not.

Note that THIS IS CONSIDERED CHEATING and will get you banned according to the game’s Terms of Service, and the policy outlined at ⚠ Exploit & cheating policy


Before mobile versions existances, commercial ads never appeared on pc versions. So, I think IA’s main income still comes from CHL

IA should consider awarding users who played CIU mobile during early access with medals like it is before

Because the computer version won’t work with Google’s AD system. Have you seen a single PC game that has Google AD? Excluding the madness of Windows Store, these are technically mobile games.

Some brave players there, patching an app that is online-only and can validate purchases on it’s own server.

Why are you all capitalizing the letters there? It’s Google Ads and Google AdSense.

Because “Ad” is “Hell” in other languages.
I simply remembered it like this and can’t fix it in my brain.

whoever done this must have low iq then :coffee: