CIU version 133

I guess that truth.


I’m so hyped for this, being a (pretty much) lifetime iOS user (and macOS too, I’m playing ciu through wine)

I have a question about advertisement for CIU
Since CIU is starting to release its Beta version in each operating system, will be an advertisement made to advertise CIU? You can see that mostly Mobile games have advertisement to advertise some games (or app).

oh my god another update



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why not make it like 50%

no keys means its useless

Food is a thing to sell and gain keys too. Use it :wink:

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All get to more foods and worth it also no more change then. :expressionless:

Rules are Rules. (no more change)

So IA i was wondering about the HUD destruction meter, how does it work on terms of its value it receive on damage? cause the value it display is way higher to the damage we do to the chicken like 4 digit amount of damage than to the HUD displaying 5 digits amount of destruction

It displays damage per second, not damage per frame. It does that by extrapolating the damage caused during the last 250ms, so it can sometimes exceed the expected value.


Would you be willing to join a TestFlight beta for the game sometime tomorrow?

Also, any other iOS users who are willing to help?


Why extrapolate the damage? If the meter is to that of a standard dps meter why does it need to display amplified dps value

I wanted the meter to be sharp and responsive. To display actual DPS, I’d have to sum the damage during the last full second, which introduces a ramp-up/down delay of one second in the meter.

Using 250ms makes it respond much faster (at the cost of some overshoots).


may I have a slot too?

may I have the testing period? I want to know if I’m able to join (unless it lasts for at least a few days)
again, I’m soooooo hyped for this

may I have a slot too? it’s been forever to play CIU on an iPhone

This fix worked for me, as when I type “nhiệm vụ” for example, it doesn’t come up as “nhieêệm vuụ” anymore.

can I test it?