CIU version 132

that’s still against ToS

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IA, you forgot this:

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I feel like it should have more content then just a Easter Theme.


Momentarily rebooting server to apply v132.3 server-side fix.


Can you add a reward for reaching top 1 in a mission? (like 30 keys)

potentially exploitable


@InterAction_studios can I have an in-universe explanation for how unoriginality penalty work on food?

And does that apply my old theory

The hero gets hungry after all missions you fly, so the penalty is eating food from his storage

Can they be shown on the left side as well. But still, what are they used for than being used for searching in contacts.

Oh and, I thought my cheat account was whitelisted. Now both iIfireIi and wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww/ are banned

oh and, can you tell me about something I can cheat to get myself banned in a mission? Want to test something.

~suddenly remembered that part from the first CI game to the fifth game~

Does anyone encounter “Bad Hostname” error right now? My network still function normally, but I cannot log into the game

Nah, even though I’m beaned, but it has to connect to the server first, therefore, I don’t encounter that.


man… What is going on?!
well maybe I’ll need to wait for some helps

No, my notebook gaming is fine without that error. I think you should re-check it again, but if it’s worse. Tell IA on private

Ban revoked. When did you request whitelisting? Anyway, added to whitelist (won’t take effect until v.133)

This is a DNS issue, although I can’t imagine why. It should fix itself after a few minutes (hours?)


I thought accounts that previously did white hatcking got whitelisted, especially when I was corrupting some stuff, but only ended up with otherside closed connection instead being banned

No, whitelisting is not automatic. You need to explicitly apply for it.


Wait you can cheat now lol?
I’m confused.

Ilfireli is considered a whitelisted cheater (a person who does cheat and reports it to IA to improve the anti-cheat). That guy got banned from CIU despite being whitelisted from being banned