CIU version 129

Two simple suggestion:

How about adding a note that informs all the players of the proclamation and the release of the soundtrack?

And regarding galactic cup outer menu, how about adding a purging button that let the player deleted the unwanted finished galactic cups?

It sounds a bit unnecessary, yes but could be better if the menu was heavily flooded with every galactic tournaments.


Look at these two missions, you’re like “There’s nothing wrong”, well look closely, the two missions have the same difficulty, but the difficulty bar in “Bite-sized Codebook” is slightly longer than the other mission, despite them having the same difficulty. Bug?

…Was this bug worth reporting?

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Lmao ikr

Difficulties displayed on the screen are rounded to the nearest integer. Actual mission difficulties have fractions.
Nothing is 100% perfect.

how about adding a section in multiplayer lobbies that shows what/who their contacts are playing with
a minor change



Server will reboot momentarily to apply v.129.2 emergency patch (server-side only).


Either a bug or very unfair design.

If in Double Team you defeat the “Blast from the Past” egg first, the big omlette that appears after killing it hides all Party Time chicken projectiles under it, even in the pro-gamer mode.

Probably also happens with other projectiles too.

If it’s an intentional design choice and not a bug, it’s a very frustrating and unfair one.

This is kinda minor but can you prevent players from changing their dates? (Like kick them out if the server date dont match with the their client date)

2023-01-22 (9)

“Thinking about adding a mission type icon besides the rocket or anywhere whenever your friends is flying a mission”

So i know you added this into your list in previous version topics but i want to know when are you gonna add this exactly?


I have an idea to add a “custom system”! No, I don’t mean to create your own system, custom system you can test any weapons, any ships, choose random levels of systems (for example, invasion of chickens, asteroids, bosses, etc.), choose levels of duration and complexity.

What’s the point of that?

A mission generator. Already suggested, already planned.

For example, to test how capable a weapon is, how capable a ship is. In short, create a random custom system for tests. However, when creating a custom system, points are not counted after winning.

“What’s the point” part of my message was directed to Ericbruh.

This is unfortunate but there’s no clean solution. Consider moving as far away from the omelette while it’s visible.

I could, but how would that help? A wrong system clock might make certain Inbox messages appear to have incorrect timestamps, but I don’t see how that is exploitable.

I’ve already implemented it, but it loses the ability to distinguish between single-player and multi-player games (judging from the icon alone), so I’m not sure if it’s a net win. well, let’s try it anyway.


So is it not possible to make it put it together? Maybe not the solo missions but the multiplayer ones?

I did tested some stuff and sure enough doing solo missions marks as “flying mission” while joining a multiplayer marks it as “joined mission” so there is some indicators

They still can leave the screen at the right top corner, a bug right?


Yes. Fixed in v.130