CIU version 126.2

nah since it is too easy, not really fit with the “meteor storm” name, get it?
it’s a vortex but i’d like to see it more regular tbh.

Would you consider adding tips in the connecting loading screen would make things more interesting and would be good if the internet is being a jerk

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Can you add an option so that we can translate in the Android version as well?
We use “Ctrl + T” for PC


Oh, the Early Access is finally over, sorry I’m late to say this.


It’s never too late to say that.

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No problem!

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I have an idea! On holidays like Christmas, New Year, Easter, Halloween, you can make a discount of -50% on purchases in the galactic store.



Nahh this well be bad idea
Also there are a dealer with 55% discount

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Could be better if the discount was around 45-30%

Welcome back old friend

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So you can sell the item and buy it to be rich in 1 day

can we change flying to joining on multiplayer games

Can you prevent these chicks from spawning in shape shifters?

Kinda skill issue


Total skill issue.

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Absolute skill issue.

I feel like since the game is officially out of Early Access, a look into Rich Presence for the game should be done again.

This was a post from @Sammarald years ago about this idea: Discord Rich Presence

Completely skill issue

is this intented because you can find wormholes by this way?
how to spolier the image btw

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