CIU Summer Event

I have heard that is the summer is popular and we go to beaches. Hmm what about a summer event,yes! Which will cause leotards chickens (ia said they will wear hawaii and sunglasses. It will come next year and cold and hot environments will be popular.

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I have no idea what I’ve just read


Huh do a private message and ia will accept or not.

“18+ age required to play the game” moment.
Say “have underwear costume” instead.

Im just kidding

Its just about summer event.

It getting cold in space boss, we turn him naked there is no reason that we need 18+

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This is for who voted that my ia made my ideas and not yours also ia really made it then whats wrong of clicking on bad?

You dont trust me? Ok then. @InterAction_studios didnt you said that you will make the idea in the nekt summer?

wow randomly pinging the developer is a very great idea i wonder if he won’t get disturbed by how you just did that


Stop becoming fatherless and go touch some grass.


I mean, why not. There’s no holidays in summer that have a theme so it wouldn’t hurt.

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dude i have been inactive for so long that i have touched more than enough grass to become a fatherful member of the internet. if i took all the grass that i have touched home i could make a field in an area of 105 x 68 meters which should be the size of a professional football field, just missing the markings and goalposts.


Well,summer event will be added but we need another edits:chick will only wear sunglasses,dr beaker will wear a neckless around it flower and a sunglasses on a lighting bolt shape,magnetic manipulator costume will be red and his asteroids will be red and around it a fire,show em whos boss chicken will only wear leotards.

“It gets cold in space” boss: am I a joke to you?


I really told him about that,also,isnt the chicken in real life is naked?

At all superchick will be a flame (because its hot days)

So what. It’s not the first time Summer edition was suggested

I know. It didnt happend. But ia said it will make it to me. Go to topic CIU Version 137 and read the message.