CIU Summer Event

ok and?

“It” won’t make it to you, it is to everyone plays the game.

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Yes i mean this




do you think i care about how iA tell you that he will add swimsuits into CIU?


thank you for your massive contributions to the conversation :saluting_face:


Dude. I am sorry. But ! What the FUCK!!!


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I don’t want make you anger or sad but your idea is sucks! Other than that, maybe the age group of the game because of a small scene change from E10+ to T and 16+ or M 17+

I dont care,iA already told me it will make it.

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Leotard chickens are normaly was in ci5 qnd ci4 and bathsuits chicken wear bath suits and i dont see any bad of my idea updates i posted.

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Don’t worry, you can’t hurt my feelings.

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IA He said the same thing twice about two of my ideas. The same ideas of waves and making stages. But AI has not implemented these ideas for a long time. And I know he will never do this! Got it?

I know but editions happens every event. Idk if he will do it he told me next summer it will be there

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