CIU league talking place 🏆

I choose it because of Cannonade but forgot it’s a darkness mission, but it’s not that hard for me.

But for the answer of your question: Nope, sorry :sweat_smile: lol.

Bravo Six, going dark it is

This is the first time I won on @2sN’s dare

But I have no idea why I lost on @BlueGamingVN’s dare, (actually I always lost in his dares)


Try harder Bill, you can pull it out without DPO’s :upside_down_face:


@BlueGamingVN next time, dare me in a friendly match instead. I don’t know why I always lost on your dares


Big Announcement has been shared from CLC, the winner of CLC’s special challenge has revealed.

Good game @SonicBoy06


Thanks. You too ^^

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@2sN pissed me off

Seriously, 100% of difficulty? I hate this with lighting bolts.

@Bigmos49216 well i saw you doing 2sN dare in the contacts
well good luck with his dare (and his phase-outs spammer)


Thank for saying that, @Arnav_Patel

I still lost a dare only 0.8 points, my eyes almost confused when those comet coming so fast.

well the reaction time is so low for us when comets come in

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When I will have enough points to dare him, I will show him that his DPO’s will not win on me.

Also I have DPO’s but I am using them only in Ironman

@GoldenBoss128 Let it be said that I only would bring DPO’s if I was scared as I never used them, but I’ve didn’t used them. Anyways I feel that today isn’t my best day and time was running out so there, have my UCH League points. So many mistakes were done today… my lord today I’m not atuned for the league :sob:


I already told about this one, I hate this 100% of difficulty from any dares. Got it?
I’m serious, no joke. :imp:

I know you tried to bully me, @2sN. (or maybe not)

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his name is still Bill doe


what’s your rank?


I fall down to under 150th rank.
Dang it

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