CI7 Idea

Ideas that cross my mind are

  • Egg Maghenifyer Glass, a giant egg with huge magnifying glass in the middle, trying to scorch earth.
  • Giant portal that connects our solar system (or maybe our galaxy) with foreign galaxy where those chickens came from.
  • Eggcubator, mass production machine(s?) that hatch those chickens.
  • Yolk tankers, seems like every chicken build has yolk as their main power, so it would be like a gasoline tanker in our world.
  • New chicken breeds: turkey and cemani chicken.
  • Space cornfields (I don’t even know how that works :sweat_smile:)
  • Space minefield
  • Hempress, it’s henperor’s wife, don’t dare to touch her. She sits on eggshell throne.
  • Ootopia, Gigantic artificial planet by chickens, it’s all end here when you destroy the core (maybe?), but henperor isn’t there.
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Why in this topic?

For the next ci series?

Sorry, I don’t understand :sweat_smile:

I can do that!! :japanese_ogre:

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