CI5 levels in CIU

First adding the water level + the jellyfish boss fight like CI5
Second add water plants which contains 97% water
Third adding the water shield to enter this planet this planet contains the water level

Forth at ice electrical asteroids they must at this in CIU
Next photo is not from CI5 but it must be added
It’s from CI3


We now have preliminary support for it. Just wait until it is actually added to the game.


Wow really? When did that happen? That’s amazing news!

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A few weeks ago.

I don’t care. that’s was intended!

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I don’t think this must be added imo. The Weakest/Strongest Link and Droid Slalom/Giant Slalom are better replacements for this. Moreover, Henpire’s technology has changed very much after CI3, so for chickens eggdrone-minefield became an obsolete thing.

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Say Congrats! CI5 in CIU is now beta v138!


Dreams come true :partying_face:


What about CI2, CI3, CI4 level add to CIU

IDK will that happen one day?

This is already confirmed by iA. For the time being, you can help him work on Episode 5 in CIU version 138 BETA

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I know i posted it before ia post 138 beta

must i get medal?

This idea wasn’t suggested by only you, it was suggested by countless number of people.

I suggested it too

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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