CI2 Main Theme

@InterAction_studios Can you bring CI2 main theme back in the next update please, cause I really love it ^^

This was suggested before, but iA mentioned that they don’t fit. However, there was a 2002 mode which had CI2 tracks and other 2002 tracks in them. So, you can hear them in game if you go back in time, or just use mods.


Im a mobile phone user that’s why…

Unofficially, you can do it with mods

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I have an Android…

You can’t. At least for now. Unless, you can get around it with wine.

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Here’s how

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misunderstood moment.

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I want there to be a remix of this music.

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Umm that about the feedback for CIU mobile port not about modding CIU mobile. Those are two different things

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