CI Fangame: Cocksweeper



Cocksweeper is a Chicken Invaders universe & Minesweeper fangame.

Rookie - 8x8 tiles, 10 bombs.
Veteran - 16x16 tiles, 40 bombs.
Superstar Hen-o - 16x30 tiles, 99 bombs.


This time, you're against the UHF, you're on chickens side. You must locate all bombs correctly and avoid clicking them, otherwise, your friendly chicken will become your tasty chicken burger, but don't be happy, that's a game over. You were picked for this job since you're a highly trained professional.

How to play:

Download Cocksweeper:

Pick your desired version:

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(Achievements are only available for Game Jolt version.)


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How about changing the title for this fangame?


I would say Chicksweeper, but Clucksweeper sounds like a better title.


perfect name



I played it. transitions needed.


Will be added in the next version. You’re added to credits.

(Join the Discord server if you want to be notified about new updates.)

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Gamejolt version coming soon. The link is up there.

Mine Rooster

hmm you still using windows 8.1?

Yes, windows 8.1.

Q: It’s bad
A: It’s better than Windows 10 on this pc. Windows 11 is in a whole new level.

Q: Use Win10/11
A: Look at the image above again

Q: Buy a new pc
A: Money doesn’t grow on trees.

Thank you.

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it can run windows 10

Besides, Windows 10 will only get updates until 2025 so not like that will be a big difference (but good luck staying on unsupported OS connected to internet. I only lasted 1 year on win7 before I ran out of patience). There are some modded win11 installers, but that defeats the purpose.

Well, my device can run Windows 11. But can it perform as fast as Windows 8.1 on these two?

Unlike Windows 7, Windows 8.1 is still stable even after being unsupported.

You’re right, even I use it. (no money)

It’s not about stability. It’s about security and program support.

Also, should have expected it, but frick you for that victory music:

(there were few cases where you had to guess so there’s some field for improvement, look up “No guess minesweeper” if you want)

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I meant program stability; in Win7, Google chrome will refuse to connect to most websites.

Fun fact: This was made out of get_chl (get_chl code is not present in the latest version, and can never be triggered anyways.). And Never gonna give you up was just a placeholder, but I got used to it so I left it.

Yeah that’s just program support.

Well that’s weird. They only recently discontinued Chrome on win7 and win8.1 since the MS support for both of them ended on January 10th.

I see that code reusability is still in practice.