Chickidi Toilet Boss Idea

I just came up with another boss idea. Since Skibidi Toilets are trending right now, I think it’ll be the perfect time to turn it into a CIU boss. It’ll be called Chickidi Toilet. This new boss will have a chicken head on a toilet clucking the Skibidi song. Its attacks will be laser eyes, summoning chick laser guns, smashing you with its head, and eggs spewing out from the toilet in all directions.


I’m speechless…



No… just. No.


Guess I know why you are speechless

Is it because they’re a nightmare?

Because almost everyone here doesn’t like it. Some say that it’s for kids


Like, i get that a new boss must be added yes but… the idea comes from, a source which most people wouldn’t like to agree with

Well, idk. People argument that it’s for kids is sorta outdated for now

Surpassing 1.5 Billion total views
Many big YouTubers watch it, especially Keekcraft if you know him

I probably say no to this, because of its origin, which is the sources most people hates it, and it is harmful for children (a lot of VN Articles said that)


Well, on a discord server, when I said that I watch it, they said “Cringe” “Kill yourself” these things

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I’d like to get rid of the creator who made those videos.

DaFuqBoom!? The creator of Skibidi toilet

I don’t have any clues about who made that first, or till now, cuz I don’t watch it.

Well, I do. And the creator is DaFuqBoom!?

The song itself just ruins it


It’s the overuse of the song… when you keep listening to it in literally every video/short/reel is just annoying, that’s why this trend is bad…


Let see what we can do beside report.

Maybe, I think? That song just shout that out right at the first line of lyrics.

Children already watched and even sang…

I can agree about the overuse of the song. But guess that in the newer episodes they don’t say the full lyrics. But that doesn’t make it enjoyable, like I would enjoy it without the song