Chicker s shop

Okay i know lot of people said it but hear me out it would be great if we had skins in the game so i made this concept when you are travelling thru space you can stumble upon chicker s clothing shop where you can buy chicken skins but dont worry chicker is frendly guy if you touch him with your cursos you will hurt him so dont touch him because he will give you bigger price instead touch skin to be taken to buying window also you have to arrows to “scroll” thru his shop and find skin that suits you best here are the pictures

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I just lost all of my brain cells after reading this post


Sorry my autocorrect fucked up lot of words

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How would a human fleet change chickens’ apparel with a shop?

Does the shop have magical powers or something?

Bro it’s a video game how do you change cuisine and chickens drop sweets


they all look awesome and cute

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we dont need much cosmetics customization
if IA added this people would say “oMG tHiS iS pAY tO WiN”
you know the people on steam

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I once suggested smth cosmetic related and that ended with me thinking of how much of a limit to customizing the game

To which IA said

I knew someone was gonna say that

yes,… I like more of this… I took it for my…

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How the hell is custom that makes game little more aestetic pay to win

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Average people on Steam said that

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“Wrong, but not wrong” moment…
Actually, we can even do this manually, and yes I didn’t deny about this idea, but as iA said…

Yeah this like the trade-off

So as much as it is cool for cosmetics, for IA that is a low priority so it wont be implemented for a long while. There only thing to do if you still want too is modding

It feel add more chicken with new fight style is more wow than just add the style
I feel it not bad as change from theme to theme but still feel this weird in the same time :worried::sweat:

A fight style what do you mean by that, give them a new way to attack us?

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