Chicken Invaders Universe System Requirements

I don’t know exactly what but below are my system specs and i can run smoothly without any lag.

Intel Pentium T2390 1.86ghz
Intel 965 Chipset express family GPU
Windows 8.1 32-Bit
250GB Kingston SATA HDD


you should say this to EA topic ( early access ) and IA will see your post and solve it :\

Solve what?


Works in Windows 7 too.

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Works in all windows os but should be over windows xp

i mean if he has problems with playing he can take tell IA about it if in EA topic or in a DMs

But that topic is not about having a problem. He’s just stating his specs.
If he had problems then he could reply in EA topic or in DMs, but currently he’s not having problems.

then why is he saying this?

Maybe because he wanted to state that he’s not having a problem while playing the game?

then he could make a DMs between him and IA or send it in EA topic :\

Making a topic about it sounds better, since it gives more attention.

As I said, he didn’t have any problems, so no.

Because there’s no lag?

Well, the maker of the topic says he is lagging

WHAT? HE CLEARLY SAYS “without any lag”
Do you even know what does without means?


he said he needs these requirements so he can run smoothly without any lags, means he was lagging at the start :man_facepalming:

How do you know he was lagging at the beginning?

because he knows that all online games lag at the beginning (in Pakistan)

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then why he makes this topic then?!

You mean he can’t make it? He’s free to make topics as long as it’s about chicken invaders or forum.

no, if he doesn’t get any lags then why make this topic and says these requirements and says to make sure he won’t lag again?

But you can make it for legit reasons