Chicken Invaders Universe System Requirements

Reread what OP said once again, very carefully.

They’re not lagging. The post was made to give everyone else a general idea of the game’s system requirements, since we don’t currently have any official ones.

OP never said that.

If you want to argue in English, you have to be able to speak English…


Argue?, i just said something and might misunderstanded so, idk what do you mean and i don’t see any drama happening


Yeah, you misunderstood.

Which part you don’t understand? The part where he explains the purpose of the topic or what?

He didn’t mention drama. He was just clearing up everything for you so that you understand.

if i did, then explain, i didn’t say that all my assuming was true

What do you mean?

You probably misunderstood the fact that he said he wasn’t lagging. he just shared the specs. Nothing else.

I mean yes if you want to argue you must be speaking english very well. Got it?

i did read his Specs, but i don’t understand this part

well, i keep away from anything that can cause drama

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I was telling that so that all those having intel HD graphics wouldn’t be curious whether they can run or not. I was simply letting everyone know that my game runs smooth even with those specs so the requirements must be like that


Bruh…I was saying i am having those specs but still i can run it smooth on 70FPS-80FPS on average


Whats the problem dude i said i can run smoothly with those specs. I said that cause i once saw someone who posted req and said that you needed atleast intel HD 2000 to play smoothly. I just posted this to counter him cause i’m having on average 70FPS with even an Intel 965 Chipset Express Family which is a lot older than intel HD 2000 and also worse than that. All that you’re saying is total non-sense mate.
See the link below. This topic was made to counter that


so that’s the point, then sorry for this, also you made three mulltiple posts, use edit button :slightly_smiling_face:

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Told ya, I was right.

Let it slide this time :smirk:


Yeah, he’s new to this forum.

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And also it might happen but not that often, for example Thunder had to explain a lot to Baron due to being offline for a long time.


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