Chicken Invaders Universe Linux

Ok so i step back from windows, cuz microsoft forbidden me access to windows…

And i installed linux like every normal person, and i choosed arch based Manjaro…

And i wanted to play CIU, and i started steam, installed CIU (proton 6.3-8) and started it, and this happened:

Pc specs:
8gb ram
465gb hdd
2gb amd gpu
2.4ghz dual core intel celeron

I did test it myself yesterday on Live session through USB with the exact same edition and proton version and it worked just as normally but crashed 1 time and I also noticed sounds bug which I already reported to IA.

My specs during the test:
OS: Manjaro 21.2.2 XFCE edition (everything default, running as Live OS - without installing to disk)
CPU: Intel i5-3470

On steam forums there was also someone on arch based distro with trouble running the CIU. I daily drive Linux Mint. Even have played few multiplayer sessions with IA without crashing so it may be hard to find the cause.

Here’s also ProtonDB for CIU:

so what do i do?

Now the only thing to do is to wait I guess. Either IA finds the cause or it should go as a report to Valve that Proton doesn’t work.

You can also try to tinker with it yourself. Here’s something that worked for someone on ProtonDB

thank you

Thing is, it’s extremely unlikely that Valve would get to act on your report anytime soon, if at all.
And iA probably wouldn’t fancy fixing the CIU so that it works for every distro out there. There’s too many distros to be possibly fixing the game for every one of them. I tried Linux myself, a couple of times. I would switch over to it if it weren’t for the game compatibility issues.
My best suggestion is getting a Virtual Machine to play CIU on. If you don’t fancy switching OSes again that is.

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Did anybody ask for opinion here? It’s a bug report, get over it.

This: Steam Deck and Proton (Steamworks Documentation) and this: GitHub - ValveSoftware/Proton: Compatibility tool for Steam Play based on Wine and additional components. Valve intends to keep Proton updated whether you like it or not. There’s the github repo where you can submit your reports, you can use steam forums or contact them directly. Also we’re just not even 1 month before Steam Deck release and it it supposed to bring some nice long awaited improvements.

IA already fixed the connection error under proton shortly after CIU got released on Steam. They don’t have to fix it for every distro, but just for Proton.

That’s why you don’t target just 1 distro but use something universal.

I daily drive Linux Mint since January 2021. I played 46 games on Steam during that year. Just 5 of them with Proton - everything else linux native.
Most games that don’t work currently are multiplayer and use some kind of anti cheat software that detects other OS than windows as cheating or have cutscenes using broken video format. If the game is singleplayer it has big chances of running successfully with Proton.

Oh fantastic suggestion. Let me waste space for virtual windows installation to play a game that weighs 400MB and while I’m at it let me pay $150 for the windows license for the OS since it is required to be legal.

I played CIU on Steam for 5.3 hours, played multi with IA. Never had a 1 crash. I don’t need to switch OS.

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Use Wine. I use it and it works perfectly. Download - WineHQ Wiki

I’m getting the same error (albeit in a VM).

Hmm, this won’t be easy to solve. The crash is inside a DirectX function, and I don’t know how much the game can do about that. Also, the only Linux distribution officially supported by Steam is Ubuntu LTS (Steam Support :: Steam Client Troubleshooting on Linux), so… this might be unfixable.


Proton is easier, though as we can see it doesn’t always work for everyone.

That’s kind of very outdated and I don’t mean the Ubuntu LTS.
Valve had a falling with Ubuntu back in 2019 when the Canonical announced that they are dropping 32-bit support. Valve needed it for various things so they started looking for another OS. We already know that they settled on Arch + KDE combo for the SteamOS 3 and that they recommend Manjaro KDE until they release SOS3 in February along with Steam Deck.
Source: Valve adds documentation for Steam Deck development, suggests Manjaro Linux for now | GamingOnLinux

That’s not to say debian distros won’t work with it. Since they do work.

So either WINE fault or Proton. I mean, it doesn’t hurt to report it to Valve. They said to report Proton errors on Steamworks forums

When SOS3 releases I’ll definitely be checking it out so I can test CIU while I’m at it.

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Well, I got around the CreateDXGIFactory crash (by commenting it out), but it just crashed on D3D11CreateDevice. These are fundamental setup calls, so I think the underlying issue is that neither @Mikicrep 's setup nor mine support Vulkan, which seems to practically be a requirement for DirectX 11 emulation.


@Mikicrep have you tried using the launch flags from the link I’ve posted?

PROTON_USE_WINED3D=1 %command%

I’ve always had problems running Wine in LiveOSes.

How to use it

Ok thank you

Does this answer

im wondering, is it any laggier from the previous gameplay on another platform you had

Well. The Live OS needs RAM so maybe that was the case, but it should still work pretty much like the normal installation.

Yeah, if you find any bugs share them mentioning what OS you use.

Can’t say for Mikicrep (and I imagine this solution isn’t as good as DirectX on Windows), but I didn’t noticed any lags at all. Works just as good as the normal one for me.

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Not laggy that all, only problem is it crashes sometimes, but its good, u get ur lives return and somehow get 20x score u gained so far idk is it bug or good… But fps is 2x better than win