🎵 Chicken Invaders Soundtrack

The flac of the main theme of ci4 has a “cut” at around 1:50 where the music stop for half a second, while the mp3 version is fine. Can anyone confirm it’s not only me?
Edit: It also happens with Predator Chicken at around 1:22, but opening it with Firefox (what?) works just fine, looks like it’s a VLC problem.

Sounds fine to me on either tracks, both in MPC-HC and Windows Media Player.

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It is, I’ve been having similar issues with it lately.

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Yeah, I found the bug report, they fixed it in the development version.

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Hmm, is it a oversight that the new CI2 theme isn’t part of the soundtrack, unless it’s not produced by 2db?


The ci2 remastered music was composed by Staffan Melin, which also composed the music for smileyville, loco, christmas eve crisis and piggly. Unsure if there was any kind of a intervention which didn’t allow ia to put them though.

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lol it’s 2db

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This was a joint release between InterAction & 2dB. The only reference to the C.I.2 music were a couple of Ci.I.2 themes that I developed and used for the 20th Anniversary Theme medley.


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I did write about 3 versions of this theme with varying levels of ‘groove’…maybe the ‘Low Groove’ mix was used in the game? :thinking:
It could just be that the groove has a lot of high frequency energy which tends to get rolled off by Oggs.


This is definitely not the ogg compression issue. Here’s a small comparison of the first 4 seconds of CI4 3rd game track. Compression could not possibly do that much.

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Acknowledged – the track that appears in the soundtrack is the original “full groove” mix, but the game uses a “lo groove” mix. Will be fixed in the next update.

Yes, VLC has known problems playing back FLACs.

CI2 is not composed by 2dB, which is why it’s not included.


Can the full groove mix be kept as a bonus track?

There’s already the “no groove” as a bonus track, having 3 variations of the same track I think would be excessive.


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