🎵 Chicken Invaders Soundtrack


The Chicken Invaders Soundtrack is now available! You can get it from Steam here…

… or directly from interactionstudios.com here:

There is a -25% discount for the first week – make sure not to miss it!

About the soundtrack

You’ve heard it before. It’s always been in the background, fanning your sense of heroism, making you sweat in nail-biting tension, spurring you on to a chicken-blasting frenzy… And now you can enjoy it whenever you please!

This quadruple soundtrack album contains all music from Chicken Invaders: Revenge of the Yolk, Omelette, Cluck of the Dark Side, and Universe. It’s a big and intricate orchestral score, composed and produced by wonderfully talented 2dB Music Production.

Sit back, relax, and re-live your greatest chicken-hunting moments by listening to the full-length tracks, or enjoy the small jingles as ringtones for your mobile phone.

As Bob Mandel, senior writer for the online magazine Adrenaline Vault writes: “This is the most rousing, energizing, inspirational orchestral game soundtrack I have heard in many a year — in both virtual and real environments, it makes me feel as if I can overcome any obstacle !!!

:information_source: Since this is a paid product, please do not post this music publicly anywhere. Any YouTube videos containing the exclusive bonus track “Predator Chicken” will be flagged with a copyright strike, and any mods created using the higher-quality music of this soundtrack should not be made public.


inb4 ppl leak Predator Chicken

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“It’s time to shine again!”, Authentic Hero said

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Yay, it’s finally here!

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very cool

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There was a minor error in the original soundtrack release which swapped the order of “CI3 Mission 1+2” and also “CI4 Mission 1+2”. This has now been corrected and a Steam update has been released (restart Steam to get it sooner).


Poor CI2. Didn’t make it into the soundtrack.

Some things are missing from the CI5 beta versions, like a shorter version of Mission 3 and a slightly longer than currently used main theme that was only in v0.40

Spent 2,3 times more than it costs because I happen to live in an unfortunate UCO country but finally got it, yay.

EDIT: The sad part about that is that I’ve just realised that buying it directly (if it’s even possible, because every payment method may fail due to sanctions and stuff) would actually be cheaper.


I’m proud of you, IA!


Does the same apply to the bonus track section?

tracks unheard before may have the same rules applied

It especially applies to the bonus track section.


I do hope that down the line, more exclusive tracks will be added on, cause predator chicken by itself isn’t convincing a lot of people to buy the ost.

Do you have any plans to discount ever again? I want to buy this when I have more money.

The point of a game soundtrack is to contain the soundtrack of the game. Extras are nice, but they shouldn’t be the principal reason you buy the soundtrack in the first place.

Yes, in all likelihood there will be discounts during Steam sales.


I’ve issued a small Steam/website update to the soundtrack to fix a “low volume” issue in the CI3 tracks. All CI3 tracks are have now been re-mastered using more advanced multi-band compressors to maximize their volume. The rest of their tracks have also had their volume maximized for consistency purposes.


will ci6 soundtracks eventually be added to the album, if that’s ever gonna be a thing?

Just a question, will the new unheard musics be from CI6?

I’ve been listening back and forth and I’m still not sure whether it’s intended that Ultimate Omelette - Mission 3 has those clicky sounds (groove?) as loud as they are. They seem to be way weaker in-game (in fact, I didn’t even know they are there until I heard the OST version :/).