Chicken Invaders DOS Version Fanmade Remake

Most people think that the series started in 1999, right? Well, canonically, it did. The DX version of Chicken Invaders from that year was the first one to be properly released to the public. But there was something else in the past…


In 1997, InterAction studios software made the first proof-of-concept version of Chicken Invaders, using Borland C++ 3.1 and the Ultra VGA Engine for C++. This was the first appearance of some of the features and gameplay elements that define the series. Some of them did not get carried over, for example in the first version the player controlled a handgun with realistic bullets instead of a spaceship. Like many other games from that era, it didn’t get finished, only having three waves and a “large chicken” boss wave, after which the game stays on the same screen indefinitely.

Also in 1997, there was an attempted port of this version using Java (Java Development Kit 1.1) instead of C++. However, Java was just starting at the time, and it wasn’t powerful enough to handle decent animation. As such, only the first wave is included in that port.

Some of you might have already seen the version of the remake I made back in 2018, but I decided to come back to it and make it look better and be more faithful to the original. This was done with some aid from InterAction studios, which was mainly clarifying what needed to be changed. For example, I didn’t know until recently that the score, lives, intros and intro text were not present in the 1997 original. Also, I hope that the Chickens look better in this version, especially the large one.

The remake includes a playable version of both the original C++ version and the Java port. As iA had lost most of the files from these versions, except for the title screen, I had to redraw most of the assets by hand. Some assets were borrowed from InterAction studios’ other DOS games, Radar Wars Arcade and BattleTank. Also included is an option to enable extra features made for the remake that were not present in original version, such as an intro, score, lives and particle explosions. It was made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5. There is also a version of the remake that runs on DOS itself, made with Ultra VGA Engine 32 and written in Pascal.

I made a separate website for it on, that even includes a version of this remake that is playable in the browser! That version can be even played on mobile devices, as it has touchscreen controls! You can check it out here: Chicken Invaders DOS Version Fanmade Remake by Emerald

If for some reason you don’t want to play it, I recorded a gameplay video of this game.

As a bonus, I have the starfield used in this version. This time it has a palette based on the title screen image, so it’s the closest thing to the original.


Original post

As the release of Chicken Invaders Universe draws nearer and nearer, I think it’s a good time to revisit the game that started it all. No, not Chicken Invaders (1999), even though it’s the canonical start of the franchise. I’m talking about this:


This is the very first Chicken Invaders game, made for DOS in 1997. Two versions of this game existed - the BC++ version and the Java version (which was more incomplete).

The graphics were pixel art instead of 3D rendered and you didn’t control a spaceship, but a handgun. It was never feature-complete as a game, and as such it’s missing many features. Missiles and powerups did not exist, and food probably wasn’t collectible. It also has only 3-4 waves after which the game stops.

Even though Chicken Invaders (1999) should be considered the canonical start of the series, I think that we shouldn’t forget about the game that started the franchise and many of its concepts.

I have recently tried to recreate this version as closely as possible with all of the info I have received from asking InterAction studios. You can download my attempt at recreating it by clicking here (recently updated to include resolution options).

If you don’t want to play through it for some reason, here is a gameplay video I recorded.
(FANMADE) Chicken Invaders - DOS Version Remake v2.1 - YouTube

As a bonus, I also have the starfield used in this version.


This is super cool info! Your recreation is great too, especially with the subtitles to tell more about the game. Chicken Invaders trivia is the best kind of trivia.

I think this background is way better than CI1 and CI2 background.

Maybe we could ask here if IA could upload the early version (if they still have it of course).

It really sucks that this is lost media :frowning_face:

Yeah. I recreated it because when I asked iA if they still had this version, they said that they only had the title screen still remaining in their archives.


I saw that they had many unreleased versions of games. Just wonder how the early versions of their other games looked like.
(so much lost media)

Also, thanks for replying that fast (didn’t expect that).

I also think that we should record as much of the beta version of CIU, so that people in the future could know how the game looked before, how it was to play it and how it changed until they got to play it for themselves.

That’s true. Very few games from iA in their early years (1992-1997) were publicly released. The only ones that were are Radar Wars 2 (Gold), Radar Wars Arcade, and BattleTank. If you’re interested in seeing them, I have gameplay videos of them (also including the Ultra VGA Engine 32 demo), which you can find by clicking here.

I’m definitely going to do that (though I’m not sure if I will upload the footage). I still regret not recording the beta versions of Cluck of the Dark Side while I still had them.

Did you find the games using the internet archive website?
Also, did you notice any changes between the beta of the 5th game and the full release?

Kind of. These games used to be downloadable off of iA’s site (and they still are, only through direct download links). The versions available for download on were uploaded by me.

There were a lot of tiny changes done to CI5 before its full release. For example, the Henperor’s Apprentice’s laser beams did not rotate, and the rocks on Epsilon Thalassus (including ones in that tunnel) were deadly. I still have the changelogs.

Nice, I also wanted to be in the beta, but it was too late.
I also saw your video about your fan game.
You should give yourself a credit (correct me if there is a creddit).

I’m probably going to record some footage too. I might make a montage when the game is out showing how it developed over the course of the beta.

That sounds great. We should also download the picture from update 5.

Problem is that the window size for it is way too small.
(Maybe not to be used on Windows 10?)

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You should download the newest version. I have added resolution options.

when do chicken invaders dos release date 2020 please




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