🐔 Chicken Invaders 1 Remastered #11

This was actually one of my initial considerations (but was omitted from the posts because the text was written several days later and… I forgot). I don’t think saving is appropriate for this kind of game. It’s a repeating game where you’re just meant to collect points, not to go through a plot or reach any kind of end goal.

It would also introduce a “save scumming” problem. Although this can be mitigated (as subsequent episodes do), I felt it would be too much effort for something that was a poor fit to begin with.

That’s only part of it. Encryption helps with prevention, but not detection. The “Save scumming” mentioned above is also part of anti-cheat, but encryption won’t help with this problem at all.


Let’s collect some more data:

Which frame rate should the remaster use?
  • Menu runs at 100+ fps, mission runs at 26.3 fps
  • Both menu and mission run at 26.3 fps

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perhaps “extra lives” could be a “gameplay” option then? perhaps with a score penalty (-50%?) of sorts for breaking faithfulness?

speaking of score, the game seems to forget my high scores after i quit the game for some reason:


What! Does it always forget them? Or only sometimes?

Maybe the game can’t write to the high score file for some reason. If it never saves any scores, try deleting C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CI1\ia\0\CI1.hst and trying again.


Seems to always happen for me. Will try your fix when I can

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Okay, that works. Not sure if it’s a temporary or permanent fix, though.
Any idea what causes it?

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Will the F5 cheat (cheat list) be added?

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I know this is out of the “remaster” thing, but it would be nice to change the main music between [Invasion Anniversary] and [Big Jim - OS2 Warp Speed]…


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I have an idea: what about an option to change the Ion Blaster color from green to red (like in the other games)?

I’ve now replaced Space Burger with the original rendering.

Not really. It’s most likely one of the following:

  • a permissions issue (i.e. the file was created with an administrator account, and it can’t be overwriiten by your current user account)
  • The “read only” flag on the file was turned on by accident
  • You are editing the file or otherwise keeping it open from another application (unlikely, but I’m mentioning this for completeness)

Do you still have the problematic .hst file in your Recycle Bin? Can you try undeleting and looking at its properties (check the “General” tab for the read-only flag, or the “Security” tab for the file’s owner and permissions)?




Only difference i see is that my own personal user account is not in the security tab.

Well, I tried using an autoclicker. It performed best at around 30ms intervals. Narrowing the intervals between clicks (and thus clicking faster) actually make me firing much slower. I suppose there’s a speed-limit for clicking so that if I click too fast it won’t fire respectively. How can you explain this? What would be the actual best intervals to fire fastest?

i dont think you’re allowed to fire faster than the game’s framerate


Wow Game CI1 so beautiful nice

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the file just disappeared again.

What do you mean? That the high scores were reset? Or is there no .hst file at all in the folder where it’s supposed to be?

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Basically, your fix worked, but it was temporary. The hst was deleted, which made high scores work again. But at some point, it went back to forgetting scores again.

Have a look at the properties of the .hst file again. Is your username listed in the “security” tab?

Also, make sure you’re looking at the right folder. Previously it was in “0” but now it’s in “1”