Chicken balloons and the direction of gravity

Chicken balloons never care what they direction of gravity is but only wants to fall and hang the same way and direction.

This was already reported before. How about instead of creating a whole topic for small things just post at EA topic, iA will still see it.


What’s that

You just create a useless topic. Why you don’t post it on EA topic?

What’s EA post???

EA stands for Early Acces but I disagree with GoldenBoss. That’s a separate bug any way and posting it in main discussion thread can cause trouble finding the source of it later (original post).

You’ve just created a useless reply.

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I already asked iA about this earlier


But i already created EA topic

He means the main current version discussion topic called “Early Access version 63.2”.


Should i put my previous bugs in EA?

No, maybe next time you find a bug.

Early Access, duh

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