Early Access version 28

Yeah… but the meme potential!

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Dammit, I really wanted the Playable Peppa Pig character in the new looped sounds mode where Thenos is in it


Tomorrow i will try to realise it (looped sound mode)

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just compeleted the key rush mission in veteran and earned 635 key


not every sound, only ufo, but forever

Okay i found bug REAL in 1:31 (Chickenaut in right down corner)

Wait… that’s a genuine v.28 video? The looped sounds are back? AAAaaaaaagh! :scream:


Looking into the 1:31 bug.
Bug confirmed, but will not fix. It’s a trade-off between enemies being still visible when deleted, and making the player wait longer until they are deleted when they’ve gone past him. I think the current balance is acceptable.


You cannot escape the looped sounds.

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I express my deepest condolences.

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Prank is out of control :rofl: Don’t worry, Looped Sound destroyed

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The Henterpise (Super Hard = 200 HP or % of health):
This video just show “changed sound” of “Warning Sound” under reducing health on every -20%

0-100% is ordinary attacks
after 100% new attacks
(idk how to explain it, but i like final stage 180/200 very hard you heard this evil sound)

That “music” reminds me an hearthbeat.
I like it!
It fits final laser phase more IMO.
Now I want to do some remexes too
(I can’t use the same tecnique I used for my egg cannon remix)
Where can I find game music files?

I wonder if egg cannon do “egg drone” wobble instead chickens

Is there any plan to add more variety for the chickens? Currently we have 3, the original, the bulky, and the military. I propose Cemani Chicken as the black feather ops, Turkey maybe as the guardian due to their size, Silkie because they’re fluffy (lol, what a reaaon) and Laughing Chicken as… chickleaders? (pun of cheerleader)

Yes, it is.




when it’s done


But this boss needs to be reviewed before it’s published.

I don’t think it’s just me, but I find the mission buttons either darker of lighter color. There was nothing related to that in the patch notes, or I missed something.

This doesn’t really mean much,but why is the second space crab encounter(the second one from ci4,that is) strong against hot weapons,while all the other versions of the space crab aren’t?(the others are strong against organic stuff)
I’m just curious,because it just feels odd to me.


When is next Key rush mission?

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