Changing some enemies about their score

Before we update to version 119, with the Mission Leaderboard reseting. I have to create this topic because the enemy’s score could affect the Mission’s Leaderboard.

Why am I doing this? Well.

Let’s take a look at the Armored Chicken (Enemy that shoot 3 blue bolts at the same time), Which is classified as a miniboss like The Chickenaut and The Slob. They are very annoying because of their Tanky HP, and even more when a wave is filled with them.

For its difficulty, it’s true but for its scoring, they are just not worth much. 11,000 points. While the Egg barriers, which serve as just a fence with NO attack, has a whopping of 12,500 points. Even worse, armored chickens don’t even drop anything!

My simple solution is: making the Armored worth more points than it is now. Perhaps from 11,000pts —> 20,000pts? Is that too much? You decide.

And to balance these off, other minibosses should have a score increase as well!

  • Chickenaut: 20,000pts —> 22,500pts
  • Slobs: 25,000pts —> 30,000pts

Now aside from the Big Egg Ship, I have some other enemies to buff:

  • Chick Heavy Guns (Gatling/Laser): This Chick is rarer than other minibosses. They mostly appear in fixed Waves of the Henpire. They always aim at the Player (you) and even tankier than the armoreds. So I think they also must have a higher score in Standard waves. Instead of 13,000pts, how about 40,000~50,000pts?
  • Coward Chicken: this breed is in the elite class, the big mechanic about them is they fire light-speed guano when they get attacked. And 1,000pts is too little for this pesky bird. Instead of having the same score of other small chickens, they should have like from 1,500 to 2,500 points.

And that’s all from me! Do you have anything to suggest about the points? Tell me by reply below! Hope iA read and understand why I want this idea to be implemented.


The amount of explodey and screen shakey an enemy does should determine its health, because all that visual distraction makes it easier to get hit by projectiles obscured by the smoke.

So a juggernaut should be a bit more than a slob and that a bit more than an armoured, but gatling/laser guns should be worth tons more

Do you agree with what knightcap says?
  • Yes.
  • No.

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I don’t read

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or just dont change any of their scores

that works too you know


I need some explain that why all you not agree, but anyway thanks for your poll

You already got your answer, their current score is fine.

No, i see they aren’t fine. Especially is Armored, thinking you pass successfully a wave with a lot of them but you don’t receive anything from them except their point

Try convicing all who disagreed with this statement then.

Armoureds do drop rather few goodies, but they also don’t bother me as much as other people. I’m personally indifferent about scoring but your suggestion seems logical so I support it.

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I don’t know for what purpose are you still trying to convince people to agree with yours after they found that the opposite is fine.

His talking about balancing reminds me of that second yolk star boss idea where the first phase was against balance and unhinged as hell.

(even though I’m not active much but I have a point to say about this topic)
From whatever I read this is NOT a balancing you straight asking for more score.

go git gud in SSH or go do something else.


who choose ‘no’ is a chad
who choose ‘yes’ is a karen, nerd

when you try to be the cool reddit kid (they dislikes the majority regardless of the content)



ok, should i delete it?

i thought the answer is obvious to you

No no we understand, most people just think it’s begging for score. I don’t think so but again I don’t even know what score does and couldn’t find it on the screen if you asked.

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@Knightcap fix the topic brother