Challenges problem

All the challenges of the game have problem. But what’s wrong?
When we start a challenge, weekly and daily, We play a bit of it while we have not yet completed the challenge Then we come out of the game.
If the challenge was daily, we would come back after a day or If the challenge was weekly, then we would come back after a week.
With this we can continue the game. BUT!!!
While the challenge time is over!
I have an idea for this problem.
When the challenge is over, the server will eliminate this challenge and wherever we are in the game, we no longer have access to it.

I did not say they could not play.
Please read the text more carefully.

You don’t need to respond to the message when it’s already deleted. There is a reason why I deleted it.

I did not delete it, someone else’s work.

I deleted it”

OK.I did not see it

I can’t quite understand. What is the main difference between this and the current system?

For example, we have a challenge in July 15th OK?
We are doing a little bit of challenge on this date.
And on the same day we’re out of the game without ending the challenge.
We are re-entering the game on July 23 while the challenge time is over But we can continue from where we left on July 15th.

I think I got it.
Right now,you can play a daily challenge on the day when it’s out,leave the game,then continue during some other day when it won’t count towards the leaderboards since it’ll be too late then. But you still can play it. This person’s idea(if I understood correctly) is that you get kicked out of the challenge,instead.

YESSSSSSS! This is true!

that can work I guess

No I don’t want that, give them another chance to complete (especially players who nervously start Weekly Challenge at 11:00 PM on Sundays). If they have put in the time to complete it (or even just attempt it, or even if it’s too late), they deserve some kind of reward.

If they leave and come back later, like Guest Universe says, you should still be able to complete it. If like you said in the explanation, left on wave 10/20 on July 10 and came back on July 11, and continued from wave 10, that would seriously disrupt the scoring and rewards. People could play a high score mission, wait for a low score one, continue, and get high on the leaderboards. Broken. It’s either boot out, which is unnesecary as the player can just surrender if he wants to get on the leaderboard, or just leave it as it is. If you want people to get kicked out… Why? Why would you do that? There is no reason for it other than deny the rewards for the player. Had to get something done? Something unexpected popped up? Too bad! You lose your progress. If you are worried that the player won’t get on the leaderboards, just give the player a big pop-up saying “The time for this daily challange has expired. You can still complete the mission, but you won’t be listed on the leaderboards.”.


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