A question about the Off-Topic/Uncategorized


What was the purpose of removing Off-Topic if Uncategorized is now a thing?
Name change?

You mean basicly, Uncategorized can be used as Off-Topic?

I’m not sure if it should be used as such, but it definitely can be.
I mean, look at the recent uncategorized posts. A story, some random images, someone asking if it can be used as off-topic. A mess.

All posts that lack a category (Weren’t assigned one) are uncategorized. So if someone forgets to add a category, or it doesn’t fit one (Like a IA announcement about the site) then it will also be uncategorized. I don’t think you can delete it nonetheless because, well, it’s the category for not picking a category.


There is a simple solution to both problems.
First solution would be to force users to pick a category, making it so that topics cannot be created without choosing a category.
As for removing it, well, it shalln’t be removed itself, but totally hidden from users and only visible to iA so they can pick it for announcements. Easy.
As for posts not fitting into a category, well, is this 4chan or the Chicken Invaders Forum?

Yeah I definetly agree that there should be organization, but I’m not sure you can force people to pick a category, since we have encountered some limitations with the forum site engine in the past.

A solution that I’d imagine would be simple is to gray out the Create topic button when an user hasn’t selected one of the categories.

Again, I am only imagining this could be decently easy. I have no experience in coding whatsoever.

I’ve disabled “Uncategorized” (so users MUST select a category when posting)

I’ve also created the “Chicken Invaders” category, which is for “everything else that’s related Chicken Invaders”, but not for completely off-topic posts.


That’s nice, but you deleted my “Post Chicken Invaders artworks here!” topic I made hours ago
(I made another one)

If I deleted it, I deleted it for a reason. Don’t create it again.


What about the troublemakers? They’re still at it. Especially sicklemode

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I’m taking “off-topic” posts very seriously. Flag them whenever you see them, and I will start silencing (and eventually banning) people for it.




You deleted the whole category so my Uncategorizred (lol I can’t spell) topic died

Uncategorized and Off-topic is no longer welcome here. Use other messaging apps if you want to discuss anything outside of Chicken Invaders.


image image

Goodbye, most of us here won’t miss it at all.

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I don’t really miss it

The New category incluye piggly, Smileyville, island w…?

But it goes off-topic
(Thank you for coming to my Ted talk)