Burst Gun

This idea isn’t complete, but here it is.

It’s a main weapon, shoots 3 round burst. The projectiles have speed as fast the boron railgun does. It doesn’t shoot perfectly straight, with about 5° tilt, but still it gives pretty good accuracy.

Each bullet does pretty massive damage, 150 for each in 0 firepower and increased linearly by 125 per level with exception from 10 to 20, is 150 (not that significant though), which gives 450 burst damage at 0 firepower, 4200 at 10, and 4650 at 20.

Looking at Galbatorix’s WBP, I think every weapon should have their own distinction that makes it unique. For this weapon, the manual firing cap is disabled. You may spam fire as fast as you want, but it would make faster to overheat. I propose about 35 constant nonstop firing before overheating, it gives 162,750 damage at max level, which is pretty ideal in Galbatorix’s idea. It’s not that high than some, but it could be unleashed in very short time if you click fast, and it has good accuracy, means it won’t be wasted unless you aim poorly or it overkills, but I think it won’t as poor as Plasma Rifle does.

So that’s it, my idea, any critics and suggestions for improvement are highly appreciated.


I think it’s a pretty good idea - but we need to get the current weapons straightened out before we add new ones.


That’s why I fully support Galbatorix’s WBP :wink:

I would like weapons to be added to universe.

A good idea for someone with an auto-clicker


Yeah, it opens two possibilities, for who likes spam clicking and who uses auto clicker, without being overpowered due to limitation (the overheat).

I suggested a burst rifle-type weapon a long time ago, but it was way too similar to Boron.

And yeah, uncapped firerate seems like a bad idea. You could get rid of a bunch of minibosses (for reference, a Chick Gatling Gun has 20000 hp on 100% difficulty) in less than a second.

Plus, I don’t think we should encourage the use of any exploits, including autoclickers.

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Then how about giving cap but higher than the others, about 8 sec? It should be 37,200 dps at max, for 4.375sec.

Significantly higher dps, but in short duration. Discourage for auto-clickers.

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