Bug with saving settings

Whenever I change some audio or gameplay settings and then re-launch the game, the changes won’t apply. I’ve caught this bug in version 135

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Oh no, this is turning into a recurring problem.

Are you using Steam or stand-alone?

Also see here: CIU version 135 - #186 by InterAction_studios


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i just noticed i have the same issue with settings not saving after exiting here on v135 steam, does not occur on v136 beta however

yea same problem

Same here

What the cluck is going on here? :weary:

I’ve made some changes to v.136.3, and the game will now pop up a message whenever it detects corruption of the configuration or profile files. The message looks like this:

After you see this message, it’s important to continue and log in normally.

Your log will be uploaded automatically so I can take a look. Do this immediately after seeing the message, because otherwise (e.g., if you exit the game and restart it), your log will be lost.

Alternatively, write down what the message says exactly and send it to me (if there are multiple messages, list all of them in the order that they appear).


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I am using the steam version

Got it, the culprit was one of my stupid attempts to refactor code :sweat:

Fixed in v.136.4 :medal_sports: Bug


IA got stressed lol

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Seriously again one more time from bump’s.

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