BUG: Visible Wormholes

So it is possible to see a player at an unexplored wormhole.

(I haven’t been here yet.)
What seems to have happened here is that this user has travelled to the “star system” the wormhole is at but has not actually docked in orbit around the wormhole.
So they are still visible.
(In fact, zooming in closer there was another player I could see, but their location was hidden as it ought to be.)

@samuelronban seems to have beaten me to spotting this issue: his screenshot is actually of the same wormhole and I suspect that Ultimate DODO has been sitting there for some time.

I am only reporting this again because the previous one had very little context as to what was actually causing the bug.

That’s a ton of message.


You has that player in contacts

I really don’t, I think I would know if I did.

I already explained the cause of the bug above and showed an example of another player experiencing the same issue under the same circumstances - it’s because they haven’t entered orbit around the wormhole properly.

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So it’s normal because you don’t see the green dot in that player

Yes, I disabled the dots because I am doing galaxy exploration and they block the “explored” tracker.

I did turn it on to check and he did have the dot.

At some point the galaxy was regenerated and the wormholes moved slightly:

This player has been inactive since July 2019. He was docked to the old wormhole, but it has since been moved and he’s no longer “near enough”.

He will be deleted once Early Access is over.

Update: To avoid further confusion, I’ll just move him to the wormhole in the next update.


Oh right, that makes sense.

Also I have to love how this one player is just going to get manually shifted in the entire galaxy to solve the bug. :joy:

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