**Bug** The progress meter in 100.00

i reported this bug in Early Access versión 34 topic, i was playing a 2 boss rush but in the second i waited a fact of the boss music in Chicken Multiplicity with 98.88 completed, i shoted one time for the kill the chickenaut, ok, the chickenaut doesnt die but the progress meter was in 100.00…there are a video of this

minute 15:16 to 15:39
i acept all answers to put and confirm if this its the cause

Probably due to some weird way of rounding the number or some shenanigans with floating point variables.

By the way I always thought that it’s weird how this meter works. Instead of showing the whole amount of damage it only shows the damage that you did to chickens that are on the screen.
Yes, it is used perfectly in CI4 on wave 10 to troll players, but that’s basically it and doesn’t have any purpose again.

Changing it would make it more usable and clear.


99,999 %


I’ve has this bug happening in all ci versions, except 1 and 2.

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Why ci1 and ci2 doesn’t have the progress meter

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Because they are old, but i accept 2, not 1, 1 is endless game and pretty boring and useless.

This looks cool and can happen only on multiplicity, why should it be fixed? That’s just float round issue.

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Because it’s a bug.


Work like any mmo developer: make bug a feature :smirk: (just joking, but anyway, it’s cool to have 100% cleared to take a picture and show friends etc)


In the general case, it’s impossible to know in advance how many enemies (or their exact health) that will spawn in a wave. At least CIU handles bosses correctly so you longer have the “progress bar goes back down” problem you had in CI3 every time the boss spawns more health.

But otherwise, this is just a floating-point rounding issue. Acknowledged, but not worth fixing.

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“This isn’t even my final form!!!”

But in all seriousness I actually never minded that bug, lol. Gave the bosses an unpredictable flare the first few playthroughs.

CIU is a different beast with a greater emphasis on replay, so I agree that it doesn’t really belong here tho.

Then how do you make the waves? I mean, if you know that wave X consists of Y many chickens of Z type then you can easily calculate the amount. You can even dynamically make it compatible with difficulty skills buffs. If that easy thing is not possible to do in the game engine then how is it even working?

So what do I see in this video? It literally goes back down.

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There are certain (rare) waves that don’t have pre-defined types (e.g. the Yolk-Star spawns random terminators).

This is mostly an implementation restriction on my part. Yes, it could be done to work for 100% of cases, but it would disproportionately complicate the code and make it fragile if it ever changes in the future. I prefer to have it work for 99% of the cases but only require 50% the programming effort.

Well, ok. CIU handles most multi-stage bosses correctly. The Multiplicity boss is wrong because it’s technically many separate bosses and not a single multi-stage boss.


We can just not count the terminators as a progress. So, the third addition to my topic ([spoiler]Progress meter improvement (yet again)) would be that there’s another way for progress bar to work - excluding the spawnable enemies. So for example in the henterprise fight, it only counts the damage done to the henterprise and not the chicks that it spawn. They are not required to kill in order to destroy the boss.

Is it really? You’re working on C++ DirectX 9.0 program all by your own. You make everything by yourself (with the exception of sound library, but we know how much time was wasted on it). C++ is definitely not the language that I would describe less programming effort. To make it work great you need insanely good code (which I have no doubts that yours is great since +20 years of experience on CI games alone). C# is much more programming friendly.

But it is set somewhere in the wave code, right? I mean, I don’t know how your wave code looks (I would like to), but you must have specified somewhere that after defeating the first one it spawns 2 another. So it should be possible to maybe just in the beginning of the code make a variable that stores the combined amount of health of all the chickens. And it doesn’t have to be static so you can change it with difficulty skills.


I think the current boss meter is as fine as it is, showing JUST the right information, nothing more or less.

  • Multiplicity boss should show like that so we know the exact health of the starting boss, as well as the (estimated) health total of the two Infinity bosses afterwards, easier to keep track (I focus on one Infinity at a time so I know the estimated health % to reach).

  • Yolk-star also shows as good as it is, a single 100% health boss shell, than followed by the yolk inside so it’s easier to keep track for both phases.

  • Mother-hen Ship (CI3) and Big Chicken (CI3): not necessary for “regain health” when you can just put a single 100% health bar (plus the red-flashing effect is added as well).


You don’t have to bump a 13-day topic after you have already created a new topic and iA replied to it.

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Ok, turns out that the v.35 fix about this issue was incomplete. I’ve made some changes. I think it will work now, test it again in v.38

Fixed in v.38
:medal_sports: Bug

I also had the same problem, but no medal while i reported it?

Did you report it before @TuongLamVN? Where is it?

But why give me a Medal if other reported what the bug its un fixed?

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