**Bug** The progress meter in 100.00

In this topic I reported the progress hud in v34
You “fixed”
Now someone said what the bug stills
Im only said, why give me the Medal?

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You get a medal for initially reporting a bug (but only when that bug is fixed).

If a fix is released but it doesn’t work and someone reports that it doesn’t work, that someone gets another medal.

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Im only ask…
Idk if minasameh or ToungLanVN reported first what the bug still

@TuongLamVN The second medal is yours: :bug: (v.35 fix was incomplete) Increased precision of HUD Progress Meter to avoid rounding 99.99% to 100% (@TuongLamVN :medal_sports: Bug)

(I copy-pasted it incorrectly and I gave it to @lbekeneb88 by accident. It’s fixed now.)


I dont want a Medal if me dont reported it…
I said, the Medal not for me, its for TuongLamVN or minasameh

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Nice, now yes


It was in v36 topic.

@lbekeneb88 got one medal for the v.35 fix

@TuongLamVN gets another medal for the v.38 fix

@minasam123 No, initial fix was in v.35

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Ok, everything is clear now

sigh, okay.

if no medal is awarded, then you can safely ignore my bug report…

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