I have found a few things to say…

1- There is a problem from CI3 till now… when a level finishes, your spacecraft will remain on left/right rotated position for a few seconds…, even if you dont move… see on this video:

2- The dropping keys are only rotating on their Z Axis; i think it will be better for them to rotate on other axis too… right now they seem a little abnormal.

3- When you’re on a electric mission, the weather of whole planet is Lightning; but they only affect on you! this is a little wrong, i think it is better to lightnings Affect enemies too, by decreasing powerful enemies’ health and kill weak ones (like chicks).
this will make game more realistic and won’t make it very easy too.



The game is already easy, why are you making it easier : |

Let’s say the lightning strikes from where the chickens are not in

Well I don’t see the gif.

Meh, it won’t do much, but I agree.

If I remember correctly, I suggested it before, but iA said that it’ll make the mission too easy. Like how weapons doesn’t overheats slower at frozen planets, but overheats 30% faster at hot planets.

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sorry… uploaded again…

Yes… but i mean just a little damage, to ensure that everything is natural. it won’t affect hardness of level.
and a little slower overheat is great, as you said.

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Ok, I saw the gif and yeah, I noticed before, but didn’t bother to report it, probably it could be acknowledged or intended, but it good that you reported it. I hope it gets fixed :wink:

I can’t find iA’s post right now, but I’m sure that what he said when I suggested that lightning should hurt enemies too.

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your spacecraft needs to rotate to go the correct direction

see here

those chickens have a lighting-proof suit (I guess)


The third suggestion has merit.

This is because the camera is zooming in/out. In order for your spacecraft to appear stationary on the screen, it is in fact turning in 3-D space (otherwise it would be slowly pushed outside the screen)

Changed in v.65 :medal_sports: Idea

Environmental hazards are supposed to make the game harder. Also damaging enemies would be contrary to that goal.


Speaking of rotating spacecrafts: Whenever I use keyboard, the spacecraft won’t rotate to right or left while zooming in/out, but it corrects, if I use mouse.

Huh, indeed. This is (apparently) because the spacecraft tries to match the mouse position. Using the keyboard, you can see what would happen if the spacecraft simply stayed in place: it’s pushed to the edge of the screen.