I have found a few things to say…

1- There is a problem from CI3 till now… when a level finishes, your spacecraft will remain on left/right rotated position for a few seconds…, even if you dont move… see on this video:

2- The dropping keys are only rotating on their Z Axis; i think it will be better for them to rotate on other axis too… right now they seem a little abnormal.

3- When you’re on a electric mission, the weather of whole planet is Lightning; but they only affect on you! this is a little wrong, i think it is better to lightnings Affect enemies too, by decreasing powerful enemies’ health and kill weak ones (like chicks).
this will make game more realistic and won’t make it very easy too.



The game is already easy, why are you making it easier : |

Let’s say the lightning strikes from where the chickens are not in

Well I don’t see the gif.

Meh, it won’t do much, but I agree.

If I remember correctly, I suggested it before, but iA said that it’ll make the mission too easy. Like how weapons doesn’t overheats slower at frozen planets, but overheats 30% faster at hot planets.

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sorry… uploaded again…

Yes… but i mean just a little damage, to ensure that everything is natural. it won’t affect hardness of level.
and a little slower overheat is great, as you said.

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Ok, I saw the gif and yeah, I noticed before, but didn’t bother to report it, probably it could be acknowledged or intended, but it good that you reported it. I hope it gets fixed :wink:

I can’t find iA’s post right now, but I’m sure that what he said when I suggested that lightning should hurt enemies too.

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your spacecraft needs to rotate to go the correct direction

see here

those chickens have a lighting-proof suit (I guess)


The third suggestion has merit.

This is because the camera is zooming in/out. In order for your spacecraft to appear stationary on the screen, it is in fact turning in 3-D space (otherwise it would be slowly pushed outside the screen)

Changed in v.65 :medal_sports: Idea

Environmental hazards are supposed to make the game harder. Also damaging enemies would be contrary to that goal.


Speaking of rotating spacecrafts: Whenever I use keyboard, the spacecraft won’t rotate to right or left while zooming in/out, but it corrects, if I use mouse.

Huh, indeed. This is (apparently) because the spacecraft tries to match the mouse position. Using the keyboard, you can see what would happen if the spacecraft simply stayed in place: it’s pushed to the edge of the screen.


Hello again…

here is another list of bugs/suggestions … ( i’m not an idle person… just wanted to help a little :slight_smile: )
Hope it helps you.

1- Exit confirmation; i think its better to show a confirmation when we click on X button. game closes suddenly and its not appropriate…

( 1.5 - also make a confirmation or a notification when we click on Forum button, that says “Game will be closed to open forum”. it’s needed too. )

2- look at these UFOs:

there is a big problem whit all off UFOs, and that is their rotating speed, and light. when these UFOs are moving fast (or shady dealers, in map) they must rotate faster than their normal/static position; and that green/yellow light under them must shine more in higher speeds… this is an important thing…
(And, fix those teleporting food robots on map in official release)

3- In-mission UFOs like one under this sentence, are better to shine at yellow/red instead of green when they’re destroyed and falling down… that shows their dangerous state…

4- i think that we need a button to add others to our friend from compare screen… as you know, some of players are using uncommon characters in their names and thats hard to write their names on add friend textbox… so, i thing it’s better to make “add friend” button in this screen:

5- I think that some textures have a very low quality in 2021 !.. as you know, now a LOT of players have medium~high-end systems; but game graphics is staying on it’s 2010 position… look at this picture:

as you see, the planet gets pixelized/blurry; just for making game more low-sized… but as we know, these textures have adaptive resolution (by zooming in/out) and using textures with higher quality won’t affect the speed of game… so i think that if the game reaches ~500MB with better textures, that’s no matter in 2021… (and, i know you are thinking about other platforms like mobiles… solution is easy: don’t upgrade textures on those platforms :slight_smile: i am just speaking about windows. )
Also, the number of Frames of moving spaceship, chickens, etc is very low, and makes them look laggy in slow movements… i think its better to just make that frames twice, to make game more and more elegant. don’t worry about game size, etc… this is just for windows too… and won’t affect even low-end systems…

6- Look at this picture… sometimes (in long travels) the guide line appears very malformed… hope this bug get fixed.

7- the game sometimes hangs in important situations; like ending of waves, and it’s annoying… look at this video and see when it hangs (and game sound loops)… this situation happens for me almost every day, and i have a high-end laptop too…

8- the fire satellite looks passing through metals, but won’t take affect!.. look at this picture, it’s clear… just want to say it must not appear inside that metal, or if appears, it must kill that chicken. it’s a bug right now.

9- About turbo fire (i don’t remember the name, just mean double clicking with guns); there is a problem with laser-lightning guns. as you know, turbo will fire weapons faster, but about laser-lightning guns, just makes them more powerful… and is not Recognizable for the player… i suggest to increase sound tone (frequency) of laser-lightning guns when they’re in turbo mode. it’s recognizable for players and doesn’t needs to look at turbo icon every time…

10- I think that it’s good to be able to click on new notifications in top right of screen (when we are on map), to open them… i think it is useful…

11- When you have a satellite and your satellite slots are full; if you place a similar satellite on a similar slot, it must recharge your current one… i think it is a good idea and make wasted/unusable satellites less…

12- i think that spaceship’s exhaust sound must be continues while you’re in travel (with a low level sound, to not be annoying)… and other players’ exhaust/docking/etc in map must be hearable for us (whey they’re on our screen) because the game will be full of players after official release and this suggestion will make game’s environment more and more Dynamic… i can imagine that, the level of sounds are very low and won’t annoy anyone, and sounds are playing in left/right channels too… Masterpiece!

That’s it for now, @InterAction_studios … there was more things, but i refrained from saying…
(and… the egg in previous logo was more visible in smaller icons :slight_smile: please bring that back, or edit current one.)



I suggested it before, but that’s what IA said:

No, it’s not. When it hits the barriers or any other enemy the first, it doesn’t pierce through the other enemy behind the first one.

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Yeah, and that is the problem :)))

Its fire !!! Not a laser! So it mustn’t show inside that too :slight_smile:

Now that I think about it, player’s laser can through indestructible barriers pass while laserguns can. *Cheating.

But, I still don’t see any problem on that. If it was made to pierce through enemies, then it could make hard waves easy to pass. You have absolver beam for that.

Which is why I am disagreeing for making the BBQ satellite be able to pierce.

I think it should pierce since laser can’t. It’s kinda fair.

Fair point, I guess. Thought about that for a while.
Well @Farhankhosravi, Let’s wait for IA for that one.

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Not really necessary. Plus, I think there’s a Windows 10 app requirement that apps must exit immediately without confirmation.

I don’t currently have a way to control rotation speed.

Detail that would need a separate texture, so no.

“Add contact” would be better suited to the previous screen. Besides, I don’t want to make adding contacts too easy because it would be abused.

And there’s even more of them that have low-end systems.

Doubling the number of frames and/or resolution will absolutely affect low-end systems.

Known, but I haven’t come up with a good solution yet.

I don’t know what’s causing that, but it’s not normal. I don’t think it’s the game – there could be something else interfering on your computer.

Acknowledged. The damage stops at the metal, but the visual effect carries on (this is because they are two separate things).

Changed in v.67 :medal_sports: Idea

Not possible due to how notifications are implemented technically.

Acknowledged, but not easy to do (again, for implementation reasons)

Way too complicated to be worth it.