Bring back CI2 Mother-Hen Ship

So IA can remake the CI2 Mother-Hen Ship with some chickenauts when it’s damaged ?

I think it’s already planned, along with the rest of CI2 content.


IA will put some chickenauts again it CI2 Mother-Hen Ship added

is it a good idea to have 3 version of mother hen-ship in the Universe?


A remastered Mother-Hen Ship is practically “A Blast from the Past” boss from CI3, just with a final attack pattern, and periodically spawning chickens.

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Well, in my opinion we have 2 options:
1: We get all three versions of the Mother-Hen Ship
2: We get a completely new version of the Mother-Hen Ship instead

Since it’d be pointless to scrap the two that we already have, I’d say option 1 is probably the best one.


As previously stated, we may get the CI2 Mother-Hen Ship (alongside the CI3 and CI4 versions, which are already in the game), and it’s pretty likely the scenario you’ve mentioned will be in the game.

Blast from the past is basically ci2 egg, only if they made it in max difficulty it starts shooting at you directly like in ci2 final boss did.

You know, technically, CI3 Mother-Hen Ship is actually CI2 Mother-Hen Ship in its appearance and its attacks, so… why don’t iA staff just implement Phase 2 to that boss? I mean, they could make him an actual ship, not a floating chicken egg, that shoots directly at you (and maybe call for Chickenauts). Additionally, the wave is named ‘Blast from the Past’. That means that these both bosses (from different chapters in ‘Chicken Invaders’ franchise) are the same boss (despite some differences).

So I could predict, the iA staff will not add CI2 Mother-Hen Ship directly, but make some changes in CI3 Mother-Hen Ship, just to correct with its wave’s name.

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