Bring Artifact Recovery mission type into CIU

I want you bring missions like Chapter 4, 6, 8, 11 of Cluck of the Dark sides (CI5). Do you agree? Why?
Chapter 4 of Cluck of the Dark sides
Chapter 6 of Cluck of the Dark sides
Chapter 8 of Cluck of the Dark sides
Chapter 11 of Cluck of the Dark sides

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aaaaaaaaand again.

Inner planetary missions like the one CI5 is not going to take place during Early Acess. IA said.
Prefer this post for more details.

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Andddddddd again :confused: planetary mission is just iA plans until now, so what we need to do is only wait

It’s an eternal dream.


I wonder if IA has changed his mind about that. It was quite long ago and we know how he’s with plans (CIU wasn’t supposed to release on Steam until the end of early access and the early access itself was supposed to last 1 year or little more). Also it’s quite a common suggestion that is often brought up. I hope planetary missions weren’t scrapped and they’ll make appearance in the near future.


And that what iA said 1 years ago

What did IA say 1 year ago?

Because the post that was linked is now a little over 2 years old.

Yeah same. well. People have suggested several things regarding this. even me (see my Underheat mission idea, plan to remaster it in the future.).

It literally surprised me that early access is now 4 years old. I didn’t expect it to breach v50 even. But I can’t argue, It’s IA’s game, bright side of this is that he didn’t rush officially releasing it.

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