Bosses that could be cool in CIU but probably won't happen due to different reasons

So uh, yeah, as the title says… um.

So here’s the Rebel Flagship from FTL. If you played the game, you know exactly what it could do.
Before I state what it could do, and I don’t know why I’m spending time on a boss that can’t make it, I’ll say why it won’t. Copyright! Haha! rip. Even if it had a different design, if it had to have faithful attacks, it could be considered stolen. However Henperor made it in, so?

The attacks are all based on the one’s in the FTL game, but obviously could be changed to avoid copyright, that is if the boss even is a good idea to begin with.

Alright, time to say what it can do. The fight is broken up into 3 phases, each activated per 33.33% of damage. The boss stands on the top of the screen kinda halfway, something like the henterprise, however more of it is visible because it’s smaller.
The ship has 4 weapons, each different. All weapons shoot directly at the player, slightly inaccurate.
Laser weapon, shooting fast 3 lasers at a time.
Missile weapon, shooting 3 missiles at a time. Additionaly could explode upon reaching the player’s position during initial targeting.
Beam weapon, targets player position after which shoots a laser at the targeted position, cutting the screen in 2 sides. The laser proceeds to move a while in the direction of the player. This weapon has a slightly longer shooting time for obvious reasons.
Ion weapon, shooting 3 very fast ion projectiles at a time. They don’t destroy the ship, however they disable your ability to shoot.
All weapons have visible charge times on the ship based on the color of the lights.
Each phase has it’s own stuff however:
Phase I:
All weapons are on.
The boss occasionaly uses cloaking, making it invurnerable for a time. I don’t think that this is a fun mechanic however, so I actually don’t want this in.
The boss occasionaly tries to hack your ship. Purple waves are shot in random directions. If hit by them, they will significantly decrease your cooling rate.
Phase II:
The ship’s left side (right side of screen) is broken off, disabling the ion weapon.
Other 3 weapons are on.
The boss occasionaly spawns barriers to protect itself, and will circle it around (and off screen). They will never encase the boss entirely, so 0 power lightning users are safe.
Attack drones are also spawned, which circle around the player at a distance, shooting slow laser projectiles. Can be shot down.
Upon a power surge, the boss will spawn a large amount of attack drones and barriers (if possible).
Phase III:
Ship’s right side is broken off, disabling the beam weapon.
Only laser and missiles are left.
The boss occasionaly shoots purple waves again, in random directions. This time they spin your ship around at a moderate speed, making most of your shots inaccurate.
Upon a power surge, the boss will spawn a lot of laser projectiles aimed at the player. They can come from any direction from the screen.

Is it good? Is it bad? Is it possible? Leave your thoughts below, and say who you wish to be added, feasable or not! You never know, maybe some attacks could be used or mixed together for an entirely new boss?

Oh, and does this cound as a idea category? I’m going to leave it uncategorized for now.


Well, the Henperor, Henteprise, the Yolk-Star™, Hen Solo are parodies and so are under fair use.

I’d say so. It could probably either be modified to classify as a parody or to appear different enough from the original to be considered its own thing.

That’s a good idea, I think. Some time ago I made a topic with a weapon idea based on a weapon from a different game, and I also decided against putting it in the Ideas category .

Yeah, I don’t think I mentioned it, but with modifications it could probably work.

yeah. lol

I like the attacks, but I don’t think it ſhould be preſented as a parody. I don’t know anything about the original, but if the behaviöur and art are different (and name), then something like this could work. Not this, but like this.


If you care, watch it here in action. The first video I started watching, second by second, I think it used every attack, however usually it takes a while longer. He’s just good xD

I know the picture is absolute MS PAINT beauty, but would this kinda thing work?


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