Boss Remasters-Egg Cannon

Disclaimer:all comments about the “after 90%” phase were made with the understanding that the Egg Cannon would change sides like the Henterprise.No,this is not the case,it simply spins to a 45⁰ angle and starts attacking.I’ve learnt my lesson now,I’ll now explain everything fully.

Appears on difficulty:69-100%
New attack phases:

After 10% damage:

Three or more Gatling guns take up position in front of the Cannon,and are replaced every time one of them falls.

After 20% damage:

As already exists

After 50% damage:

The straight orange lasers are now randomized in direction.

After 60% damage:

Launches big egg,blah,blah,blah.

After 70% damage:

Eggs now contains mini yolks that keep koving about that one has to avoid.

After 80% damage:

As already works

After 90% damage:

Cannon attacks from the corners,diagonally,from a 45⁰ angle, and uses a random mix of attacks on the player,before retreating and appearing from the side again or another corner.Ship rotates accordingly,and cycle keeps repeating until it explodes.

What do you think?

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If you have a conflicted opinion or think it’s bad specify why,please.[/spoiler][spoiler]This text will be blurred


Yeah this would significantly less boring than the normal one

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All I did was suggest five more stages.Lower difficulties may not be affected tho.And the Cannon needs a health buff if this is going to be effective.

And then red laser boys casually coming for your eternity while you have super-limited move because of randomized orange laser.


Which is the point.(By randomized I mean by direction)

It’s honestly the weakest link in this boss remaster idea along with the whole Egg cannon retreating from side to side, it’s going to be very frustrating in space race where you have to wait for the egg cannon to retreat and then reappear. Aside from those two rather problematic ideas, the rest are actually pretty decent.


I think it’s more of an issue because it actually makes the fight much easier. If it keeps switching sides, it’ll give the player lots of time to freely damage the egg cannon. I wonder if it would even get to retreat more than once.


The only reason I really have a conflicted opinion on this one is because I agree it needs to be harder and I like the idea of miniguns and stuff like that. But I don’t think it really needs new attack patterns - just spawn a few higher-tier enemies among the Chicken Swarm and it’ll be exponentially harder. Imagine cowards, armoured chickenauts, UFO, etc. Even toxic chickens would actually not be a rubbish enemy here like they usually are, lol.


It’s also possible to just…let it switch between between attacks way more quickly. Maybe even let it use 2 random attacks at once, instead.


Way ahead of you in this regard Early Access version 38 - #144 by Recruit_75


257 light days ahead of you


Haha, my old post. I feel that how to make a good rework is by tweaking what already exists. Sometimes simple things work better than complicated one.


No,no,you misunderstand me(I didn’t do a good job of explaining.)It doesn’t change sides,if it spawns on the right,it either goes to the bottom right or top right corner,and vice versa.It simply moves to the corner,makes sense?

Okay, I get it.


So it would start shooting at a 45 degree angle??





Yes.Think of the possibilities…

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